Roleplaying grid for sale

Role Play Worlds, a 43-region grid dedicated to fantasy-themed role playing, will close next month, the grid announced today.

Residents will have until September 23 to make backups, export builds, and cancel orders and subscriptions.

“We dont have the time and energy to keep working on RPW as before, that’s why we decided to close it or sell it if someone wants to make a fair offer,” said the announcement, which was signed by “RPW Core Team.”

The announcement did not specify how many of the grid’s 43 regions are rented out, and how many are owned by grid operators.

Region prices vary from $30 to $55 per region, depending on maximum prim counts, with discounts available for multi-region rentals. If most of the grid’s regions are rented out, it might be attractive to potential buyers if they act fast — otherwise, region owners will probably pack up their builds and move to other grids in anticipation of a grid shutdown.

Grid managers haven’t yet responded to questions about whether region owners will be able to export full regions in the form of OAR files, nor about the asking price for the grid.

Role Play Worlds was originally known as The Gor Grid, and features a controversial, violent and sexually explicit style of roleplay that frequently involves the enslavement of female avatars. Despite this sexual subjugation of women (or — who knows — maybe because of it) the majority of Gor players roleplay as women characters, according to statistics from Second Life’s Gorean Meter. Fewer than 40 percent of Gor players have male avatars in Second Life.

Role Play Worlds itself uses the Legacies Role Play System (LaRPS) and has a much smaller user base, so the numbers may be less reliable, but it currently shows that 52 percent of players have female avatars.

Role Play Worlds also has non-Gor areas, shopping, and other non-role playing destinations.

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Maria Korolov