YourSimSpot Logo2$25 a month for 15,000-prim region, located on the YourSimSpot grid, OSGrid, or any other open grid. Either private or hypergrid-enabled. Hourly rates available for events. Includes the Sloodle education platform, a choice of OMC or PayPal payments, Vivox voice, groups, and hypergrid.

YourSimSpot‘s web interface allows customers to access region information, restart regions, and upload or download OAR (full region backup) files.

Complete Price List:

  • Full Region 7000 prims: $15.00 U.S
  • Full Region 15000 prims: $25.00 U.S
  • Full Region 30000 prims: $35.00 U.S
  • Full Region 45000 prims: $45.00 U.S

Click here for the land sales page.

2 Responses

  1.' MerrieS says:

    This is a great place to get hosting as the manager is quick to answer questions and assist with any problems. I recommend them!

  2. Ben Faust says:

    I setup a test region with them and uploaded an OAR file that had run VERY slowly on my own server. It runs lightning fast, and I haven’t experienced any down time or negative issues of any kind. Their support is fast and friendly (I had a couple of questions and needed a different type of OAR uploaded). Highly recommended.