InWorldz users cash out over $15,000 a month

According to statistics released Friday by InWorldz co-founder Beth Reischl, in-world residents have been cashing out, on average, more than $15,000 a month over the past year.

“Overall, I’m really pleased with the numbers, and while this is supposed to be fun, and hence our lower prices, it’s nice to see that some are actually making a bit of pocket change if nothing else,” added Reischl, who is also known as Elenia Llewellyn on the InWorldz grid and on its forums.

(Data from InWorldz.)

In the twelve months since October 1, 2010, when InWorldz began tracking the data, 626 users cashed out a total of US $184,836.28.

This doesn’t mean that content creators should quit their day jobs and run to set up stores on InWorldz, however — the maximum cashout by a single user was $15,705 over the course of the entire year.

But the data shows that InWorldz can be a nice secondary income stream for merchants looking to diversify away from just having stores on Second Life.

Like Second Life, InWorldz is a closed commercial grid — hypergrid teleports are disabled, and users can’t freely export entire regions or inventories to other grids. Its closest commercial competitor is Avination, which also has its own in-world currency and economy.


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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

8 Responses

  1. soror nishi says:

    This does reflect my own experience that people are spending money and that the economy is growing. There are many opportunities now to buy ‘luxury’ items, i.e. high quality skins and clothes, which certainly were hard to come by just a year ago. All very positive news. 

    • Plus, folks coming to closed commercial grids like InWorldz and Avination can’t bring their stuff from Second Life with them — so they have to buy everything new.

      • Hmm…buy everything new if you are not the creator. if you are a creator you can upload your stuff. Avination charges an upload fee, AvWorlds is free to upload. We are a closed grid like Avination and Inwordz but people bring their OARs and objects in without a problem. But like I have explained above. You must be the creator or have an OAR file with the permissions.

  2. Tara Yeats says:

    It might help to clarify if you said $15k total cashouts per month – as worded, it sounds like individuals received that amount, which isn’t the case (a single person received $15k over the course of a year). If I divide $184,836 by 626 users I get an average of just $295.26.

    • Tara —

      The total average cashouts per month was $15,403 (yes, in U.S.). That’s the total cashed out by everyone during the course of one month.

      As it also happens, the maximum one user cashed out over the entire year was also a little over $15,000 — $15,705. 

      But you’ve got to remember that a lot of the cashouts aren’t by merchants and folks looking to make money in InWorldz — it also includes a lot of regular folks just redeeming their money. It will be interesting to see the statistics for total transactions, if they ever release this data.

  3.' Anonymous says:

    @ AvWorlds, yes Avination does charge an upload fee, however, as content creator you get free upload credits, so that means no costs……..

  4.' Anonymous says:

    @ AvWorlds, yes Avination does charge an upload fee, however, as creator you get free upload credits, so no costs for upload after all…. 🙂

  5.' Eddy says:

    old post, but i assume you didn’t read the ENTIRE thread: this is just the cash-OUTS, and there are a lot of cash-INS also. Check your story before posting anything please.