Daden seeks responses to chatbot survey

Press release: Daden asks industry – what makes a good interactive chatbot?

Birmingham UK — A survey to find out what functionality users want to see when they interact with a virtual agent – or chatbot – has been launched by chatbot specialists Daden Limited.

Increasing in popularity, chatbots — computer programs which maintains a conversation with a person using natural language — are seen as a cost-effective support to customer service desks and live chat. Available 24/7, chatbots respond to queries and frequently asked questions enhancing customer experiences and directing visitors to relevant web pages.

Customers like the immediacy of talking to a customer service agent, but prefer the anonymity of a website. A chatbot provides an option that users seem to trust and talk to quite openly – perhaps more so than when they talk to an operator.

To consider future development of the industry as a whole, Daden have devised a short online survey to understand what functionality people would like to see in chatbots.

Daden have been creating chatbots since 2004. Their versatile chatbot authoring tool Discourse enables Daden and their clients to design chatbots that can respond to queries via the web, SMS, email or instant messaging.

Zoe, a prototype AI bot, lives in her own house on OpenSim. (Image courtesy David Burden.)
Zoe is a prototype Daden chatbot, who lives in OpenSim. (Image courtesy Daden Ltd.)

“We have clients who use our chatbots to provide customer support on websites, in virtual worlds and to act as non-player characters in 3D simulations,” said Soulla Stylianou, Daden’s marketing director. “The survey will help us understand what capabilities customers, organisations and individuals might want.”

Daden encourages all readers, whether existing users or not, to complete a short five-minute survey. The results will be released and will help shape future development.

Click here to complete the survey

About Daden

Daden Limited specialise in delivering innovative solutions in immersive learning, visual analytics, building visualisations and creating interactive virtual personalities (chatbots). Daden’s national and international clients range from the private sector to central and local government, education, public safety, health including the Ministry of Defence, the City of New York, Birmingham City Council and almost two dozen universities in the UK and abroad. Founded in 2004, Daden are based at Birmingham Science Park Aston, in Birmingham UK. Daden are members of Intellect the Trade Association for the UK Technology Industry.

About Discourse

Developed by Daden as a web-based chatbot application, hosted on either the Internet or your own servers or intranet, Discourse lets you author and manage chatbots. Users can access it via the web, or by email, mobile phone, SMS or Instant Messaging. Using natural language, the chatbot created can be just simple text boxes with a static image or 2D or 3D cartoon, or a photo-realistic image. Discourse is easy to use and can help reduce project and support costs, as the chatbot can be the first line of support on your website, 24/7, helping people find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.

Chatbots are an automated system that look and sound human and which use natural conversational language, but are driven by computers, provide a middle-way, providing an easy to use, friendly, engaging and memorable customer experience.