X-Avatars offers age verification to OpenSim

Press release: X-Avatar offers new OpenSim module and real life age verification

Augsburg, GermanyX-Avatar has launched a new addon module for OpenSim regions which enables region owners to block access to minors. In addition X-Avatar also added “real life” age verification which meets the strictest international youth protection laws.

X-Avatar’s new precompiled module can be installed by any region host and blocks access to minors trying to teleport to adult-rated regions. To gain access, the avatars need to be linked to an adult-verified account at X-Avatar. The module can also be used on hypergrid-enabled regions. The advantage of the system is, that there is no need to ageverify at multiple ageverification providers.

X-Avatar also has implemented a new real-life age verification called “RL Adult” which meets international youth protection laws even in countries like Germany. X-Avatar sends a validation code for the website via postletter using the “Adult Signature Required” service offered by UPS (United Parcel Service). UPS only delivers if the person being validated has a valid identity document and is a adult in that country or state.

For the past three years, X-Avatar has been offering the “SL Adult” service, where an adult-rated avatar is required in Second Life, and the “PP Adult” service, where a PayPal transaction is used for validation. Together with the new “RL Adult” verification and OpenSim module, region owners have full control over the minimum required validation that meets their local laws or needs.

Each member of X-Avatar can link as many of their avatars to their account by visiting an in-world terminal. This enables members to only need one validation for all their grid user accounts.

The Adult Sandbox region on OSGrid. Only adult-verified avatars may enter. (Image courtesy X-Avatar.)

Furthermore, X-Avatar can be used for web applications and scripts. These can be used for grid registrations and adult-related scripts and do not require additional OpenSim modules to be installed. The services can also be used in Second Life.

About X-Avatar

X-Avatar was founded in 2009 and specializes in offering a central age verification system to protect adult content hosts from minors accessing their services. The services offered by X-Avatar can be used for adult-related regions, scripts and web applications to offer a wide range of possible services with a single verification.

For more information, visit x-avatar.de.

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11 Responses

  1. trinity93@gmail.com' Yoshiko Fazuku says:

    any time you charge for verification no one verifies. also why would one want to give their personal information to a third party. also how does UPS verify the person signing is really the person who is supposed to be verified. its my understanding that the delivery person usually does not really check an id if they think the person is an adult (“hey mom can you sign for this if it comes in the mail while im at school”). There is no such thing as real age verification

    • Han Held says:

       >There is no such thing as real age verification

      Agreed. And that’s probably why Linden Lab backed off of it, and also why you never see porn sites with elaborate age verification.

      Considering the way that porn sites have been harassed by various agencies, if an elaborate system was really necessary each and every porn site would have been forced to put such a system in place!

      •  Right, its not 100% foolproofe.

        You can ask yourself however why there are nearly no german based porn sites for instance. The required age verification methods differ from country to country and most porn sites go there were its easiest for them.

         Eventhough I am hosting regions in OSgrid which is based in the USA, I still need to meet local laws for my regions. The stricter laws apply, so if I want to simulate adult content on my region, it automaticaly means that I have to implement age verification.

    •  Well, in many countries UPS does not always take a signatur. UPS does however offer a service called “Signature required” were the person recieving the post always has to sign. In the case of the RL verification the service “Adult signature required” is used and in this case the identity document needs to be shown and one needs to sign aswell. The person who sends the post will in both cases recieve the signature sent back by UPS as proof of delivery. The “Adult signature required” service is commonly used when sending booze around the globe.

      If mom accepts the delivery, signs and shows her ID and still does not wonder what is going on, well then mom isnt doing her job well. Still, this can happen. The RL verification is however not a simple button that even a 5 yro can click or a creditcard number that was found in moms wallet while she was sleeping.

      About the charges for the verifications, see the reply of Nathan Adored’s comment. Not all verification methods costs…Well, 3rd party is relative. Each time you visit another region via hypergrid your on a 3rd party region. Every time you visit regions in open grids like OSGrid your visiting a 3rd party region. Each Region hoster can install modules and tweaks gathering whaterever infos you can think of without you knowing about it. Its your choice if you want to use a 3rd party service or not and nowone is forcing you to use them. In our case, X-Avatar is based in Germany and we have even stricter laws than the EU. One part of the data protection laws enforced in all EU countries is, that anyone can request all the data saved about themselfes from companies in the EU. We only save data during the verification process, after that the RL data gets removed automaticaly.BTW: If a avarage facebook member requests their data, then they will recieve a view thousend pages of data that facebook is gathering on that member.

  2. Ener Hax says:

    doh! time to get it on with NPCs!  =p

  3. nathan@joshua-wopr.com' Nathan Adored says:

    Grrrrr….. all the useful information there is in German only.  oO  Is there someone here who reads German?  Do they charge X number of dollars to the one getting age verified, or do they charge a subscription fee to each grid wanting age verification and then make the actual age verification for the users be free?  Or do they charge money to the grids *and* to the users?

    •   Nathan, like on most multi language sites you can select the language at the top of the page 😉

      There are no cost for using the services for regions, grids, scripts or
      any webapplication. The module can also be downloaded for free.

      Depending on what verification type the mebers choose, there can be costs.

      – The SL verification is free and because most people are comming from SL to Opensim should not be a problem for most people.

      – PayPal verification costs 1,00 € and more reliable than simple “I am over 18” button

      – Pricing for RL verification depends much on the adress and country
      were the person being varified lives. The demand for RL verification
      will however be very small as most countries do not have that strict
      laws. But, the option is available.

  4. foneco zuzu says:

    If i have to give sensible data to any, only yo Paypal il do that!

  5. Han Held says:

    Interestingly enough, LL has backed off of age verification and now simply has a “are you 18” page. If I was any sort of commercial entity, I’d consult my lawyers as to the actual LEGAL NEED to hand my user’s private data over to a third party for verification.

    After all, if LL doesn’t see the need for it, I have my doubts whether or not such a need genuinely exists.

    • Why did LL implement ageverification in the first palce? The international negative press was very harsh back then and the pressure for LL kept growing. Meanwhile SL seems to have vanished from the press. The verification used prior to the “are you 18” page does cost LL more money because it needs staff while the current page which still meets USA laws does not require any staff.

      As the number of users in OpenSim rises, so does adult content. As one can see in the following article http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2012/04/hg-biz-plan-safety-viewer/ the same issues which LL had are starting to arise in opensim.

      “I’d consult my lawyers as to the actual LEGAL NEED to hand my user’s private data over to a third party for verification”

      If you are hosting a region and have adult content, which even can includes the normal inworld chat with friends and visitors, I would also ask the lawyers if there are any laws that you might already be vialating 😉

  6. h4n@h4n.hostei.com' H4n Marquis says:

    How do you connect to The Internet? I mean in the country I live, there is laws, and under these laws the owner of the connection is responsible for any usage is made by the connection, the connection owner can transfer such responsibility to someone other, only if there is proof, or an agreement who can be used as a proof, that connection has been used by someone other, stop. In the country I live ANY Internet connection is offered against a signed contract with an adult being who agrees to take such a responsibility, stop.