X-Avatars offers age verification to OpenSim

Press release: X-Avatar offers new OpenSim module and real life age verification

Augsburg, GermanyX-Avatar has launched a new addon module for OpenSim regions which enables region owners to block access to minors. In addition X-Avatar also added “real life” age verification which meets the strictest international youth protection laws.

X-Avatar’s new precompiled module can be installed by any region host and blocks access to minors trying to teleport to adult-rated regions. To gain access, the avatars need to be linked to an adult-verified account at X-Avatar. The module can also be used on hypergrid-enabled regions. The advantage of the system is, that there is no need to ageverify at multiple ageverification providers.

X-Avatar also has implemented a new real-life age verification called “RL Adult” which meets international youth protection laws even in countries like Germany. X-Avatar sends a validation code for the website via postletter using the “Adult Signature Required” service offered by UPS (United Parcel Service). UPS only delivers if the person being validated has a valid identity document and is a adult in that country or state.

For the past three years, X-Avatar has been offering the “SL Adult” service, where an adult-rated avatar is required in Second Life, and the “PP Adult” service, where a PayPal transaction is used for validation. Together with the new “RL Adult” verification and OpenSim module, region owners have full control over the minimum required validation that meets their local laws or needs.

Each member of X-Avatar can link as many of their avatars to their account by visiting an in-world terminal. This enables members to only need one validation for all their grid user accounts.

The Adult Sandbox region on OSGrid. Only adult-verified avatars may enter. (Image courtesy X-Avatar.)

Furthermore, X-Avatar can be used for web applications and scripts. These can be used for grid registrations and adult-related scripts and do not require additional OpenSim modules to be installed. The services can also be used in Second Life.

About X-Avatar

X-Avatar was founded in 2009 and specializes in offering a central age verification system to protect adult content hosts from minors accessing their services. The services offered by X-Avatar can be used for adult-related regions, scripts and web applications to offer a wide range of possible services with a single verification.

For more information, visit x-avatar.de.