3D content creators form union

A few friends, colleagues, and fellow creators have a need to band together. Our intention is to gather creators and artists from all “virtual reality” platforms in order to collect, and organize factual information about rights and responsibilities of content creators. By working together, we believe that many of us will be able to speak with one voice.

It is for our common good that we extend invitations to individuals as well as, content creators groups from all platforms. Please join us in an effort to set base standards for the handling of our members and their creations.

We are a group that is determined to help make changes for the better of all original content creators in the metaverse.

As a Union, we need to stay informed and fully understand what constitutes a copyright infringement. This ensures that the appropriate actions are taken to protect copyrighted work and the customers that purchase an individual’s content.

As creators of intellectual content we are responsible for our own work. Currently it has been up to the individual creator to take legal action when alleged infringement occurs.

The Content Creators Union will support and assist creators in facilitating this process. The DMCA is a legal action that creators have as an option to protect copyrighted work. We will investigate each claim as soon as possible and ask our members when taking action against possible violators to give them the benefit of doubt.

Keep in mind that each violation may be a case of unwitting piracy. Each member of the CCU is a representative, and therefore responsible for the CCU’s reputation, and good will.

Members are encouraged NOT to:
• Engage in personal attacks
• Use inflammatory language aimed at slandering another.
• Take illegal actions, or actions that run contrary to Terms of Service for the grids we operate in

Members can expect help with:
• The criteria, time frame and method of executing DMCA’s
• How the content is to be distributed on the grid / platform
• How content purchased by grid owners and their team members may be used
• Security to protect against copyboted, illicit content, and piracy.
• How content of the CCU members is handled if a grid changes hands, merges or is bought out.

Creating a grassroots organization costs time and money. All finances will be posted on the first of each month for members to view. If we find the need to hire legal, council and have the funds, they will be used for that purpose. Keep in mind that attorneys are expensive so they should be used as a last resort. The CCU will accept donations however; we will not be collecting dues.

We encourage all content creators to join our union.

Founding Members:

  • Michael Sietz, also known as “Michael Somerset” in Second Life, InWorldz, Avination and SpotON3D
  • Linda Henson, active in SpotON3D
  • Martine Goossens, also known as “10 Gooson” of M&M Creations, active in Second Life, InWorldz, and SpotON3D
  • Marc Goossens, also known as “Marcthur Gooson” of M&M Creations, active in  Second Life, InWorldz, and SpotON3D
  • “Ixmal Supermarine,” active in Second Life and SpotON3D
  • “Francisco Koolhoven,” active in Second Life, Island Oasis and SpotON3D
  • Anna Sawers, also known as “Kitteh Noir” and “Kyoto Ying,” active in Second Life, IMVU and SpotON3D


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