Avination announces multiple attachments

Avination announced support for multiple attachments today, a feature previously available only in Second Life.

Avatars can now wear up to five attachments at each attachment point.

Melanie Thielker

“We have long heard from our users that this feature was sorely missed,” said grid founder Melanie Thielker. “Especially non-human avatars were severely limited by having only one attachment per attachment point and a number of creators’ items will just not work without this feature.”

Avination won’t keep the code to itself.

“”As most of our code, this will be donated to OpenSim,” said Thielker.

Avatars can now wear armored gloves while wielding weapons, the grid said.

Avination also supports multi wear, Thielker told Hypergrid Business, “a feature important for clothing designers and furries wanting to dress themselves decently.”

The ability to attach multiple items to one attachment point was made possible by the upgrade to the latest generation of Second Life viewers. Some features of those viewers — such as outfits, mesh, and media-on-a-prim, were implemented quickly in OpenSim.


Example of multiple attachments on an avatar. (Image courtesy Avination.)
Maria Korolov