Kitely Market open to merchants

Kitely merchants can now start uploading products to the Kitely Market, the company announced today.

There’s a 100 Kitely Credit fee to list new items, which is between USย $0.33 andย $0.50, depending on how many Kitely Credits are bought at once. Adding variations on the same product — different colors, for example — are 25 Kitely Credits each.

However, the listing fees are currently waived for the first 20 items as part of the early bird promotion.

“If your first 20 product listings adhere to our guidelines then you may request to be allowed to add an unlimited number of products to your store for free,” the company said in its announcement.

Merchants who upload more than 100 items before the marketplace opens this summer may be considered for “Featured Merchant” status, which includes prime free placement on the Kitely Market homepage, and free in-world shops in the Kitely Plaza region.

For more information about the Kitely Market, visit the Kitely Market documentation site.

No Kitely Credits cashouts

Would-be merchants need to be aware, however, that Kitely Credits are not a redeemable currency. The KC can be used to pay for land, for time spent in metered worlds, and for in-world and marketplace products and services. Left-over Kitely Credits cannot be exchanged back into real currency, such as US Dollars.

Merchants looking to make a real-world living from their Kitely stores can set prices in US Dollars, instead, said Kitely CEO Ilan Tochner.

Kitely market

“Revenue from items sold for USD will be automatically delivered to the merchant’s PayPal account minus Kitely’s 10% sales commission and whatever additional fees PayPal charges them for the transaction,” said Tochner. “People can sell items in-world for USD by scripting the vendor to send the buyer to the appropriate Kitely Market product page.”

Merchants can set different prices and payment options for each product, and for each variation of each product.

Kitely CEO Ilan Tochner

Kitely CEO Ilan Tochner

The reason for the non-redeemable status of the Kitely currency is recent regulatory guidance, Tochner said. (Read more about the new regulatory guidance here.)

The Kitely Market does not currently enable the buying and selling of pre-made regions in the form of OAR files.

That will come in time, as well, and users will be able to choose from a catalog of those commercial pre-built regions when starting up new worlds.

Meanwhile, Kitely’s new “Export” permission flag is already in effect on the marketplace. Merchants can specify whether individual objects are allowed to leave the grid or not.

When Kitely users try to save an OAR file of a region that they have purchased, or containing items that they have purchased from the marketplae, only items marked for export will be saved to the OAR.

A market for all grids

Eventually, residents of others grids, both on and off the hypergrid, will also be able to shop the Kitely Market, Tochner told Hypergrid Business.

“The technicalities haven’t been decided yet but we intend to make it easy for people to be able to buy from the Kitely Market and get that content delivered to any hypergrid connected grid, and eventually to ones that aren’t hypergrid connected as well,” he said.


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Maria Korolov

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36 Responses

  1.' Minethere says:

    The Kitely Grid is unique and innovative among all commercial grids.

    Their forums are a very good place to read about it more, and to ask questions.

    It is my opinion that Kitely is a paradigm changer and I do expect some other closed commercial grids to follow suit in some regards to what is does now, and is planning on doing.

    Most of all I would strongly suggest content creators who like to sell to get involved immediately.

    • I remember a couple years ago when I was world hunting and gave Kitely a bad rap. Then I had a K-8 moment (see what I did there?) when I comprehended their particular model and it changed my tune 1000%.

      I called it the game changer and Ilan and Oren have proven me right 100% of the time…and I totally love being right ๐Ÿ˜› I’m unashamed to be a Kitely fan girl. I don’t see *any* of the other grids out there offering a better deal.

      •' Minethere says:

        I seem to be stalking you…lol…seems we are on the same HGB schedule atm….hehehe

        I didn’t know of Kitely until around a year ago or so.

        But I do agree with you, for sure…I expect their business model will be copied by others eventually, in some regards at least.

        The excitement is building with them and I expect this to only get more so when their market opens, which is getting closer and closer, and then they open the HG gates, add IAR support and such.

        I love their latest addition of a free export worlds report…I use it as a diagnostic tool.

  2.' Joe Builder says:

    Nothing against Kitely at all, As for myself can’t get use to cloud servers at all. Maybe if they diversified a little and set up different servers other than cloud they might corner the market a bit.

    •' Ilan Tochner says:

      What do you have against cloud-based servers Joey? ๐Ÿ™‚

      Have you used Kitely? Many people have written about their positive experience with how little lag it has compared to most grids and other hosted solutions.

      •' Savino van Meirhaeghe says:

        i am kitely fan and i like it…

      •' Joe Builder says:

        Nothing bad just I have my own preference, I used Kitetly yes the actual waiting for my Region to come online is 1. Then the loading of my assets, then the loading of my Avatar. The teleporting from 1 region to another waiting for start ups. Cloud isn’t a perfect science in that aspect. As far as lag I don’t have that much in any grid, unless its viewer related. And its not for everyone, as you can see through the Opensim Grids.
        I think your doing a great thing in Kitely, Unique as I would call it. I just thought maybe diversify a little won’t hurt being you would offer Both. BTW keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

        •' Ilan Tochner says:

          Thank you Joey,

          Many of the shortcomings you listed will be addressed over time as we continue to improve world startup times (Kitely already starts up regions much faster than other OpenSim-based grids). The same goes for teleport speeds.

    • Ener Hax says:

      the only difference i find is the startup time – apart from that, Kitely’s services are superior to a dedicated physicals server, imo

      i had a virtual server with Reaction Grid for a year – it was dosmal but that was because i was running far too much on it after having come from 19 sims inSL

      then i had a 4 core, 8 gig dedicated server that ran incredibly well (only one region locked up out of 16 in a two year period). it was a very solid experience

      BUT . . . now that i have been with Kitely for a while, i certainly have far greater prim counts and hogher concurrency than imaginable on my physical box PLUS being able to do a 16 sim megaregion AND all of that at a fraction of a server’s cost

      for me, it had been far superior =)

      •' Joe Builder says:

        @Ener I understand completely the concept of Kitely, Its not a format that myself would use only. I have a 100 region Mega loaded in OSGrid load time 6 minutes assets and all being I use 2 inventory’s there. I also have my own grid of 36 regions I run at the same time on my Home PC Have 0 issues. Yes the 100 takes 6 minutes to load its to be expected there is a lot assets. Many say its incredibly quick for a Home PC. Its ok for me. Again what I have isn’t for everyone.

        •' Ilan Tochner says:

          Hi Joey,

          One thing I think is important to point out is that Kitely developed it own cloud-based Advanced Inventory and Advanced Assets systems that replace the regular OpenSim ones. This enables Kitely to start worlds much faster than they can start with regular OpenSim.

          You can try this yourself: merge the assets in your 36 regions into a 16 region area, save that to an OAR file using the –all option (so all the regions will be saved) and then use that OAR file to create a 16-region Kitely world. I think you’ll be positively surprised by the improvement in startup speed.

  3.' zack wetherby says:

    One of the things I like about Kitely is that itโ€™s trustworthy. They do what they say they will do. They announced a marketplace and BOOM their marketplace is here. Residents in other grids have waited YEARS for things promised to come in months.

    Kitely is truly innovative, they color completely outside the box. Other grids merely color the same old box using slightly different color crayons. A free region to all, regions on demand, advanced megaregions, fixed and time based billing, cloud hosting, FULL NPC support and more. No other grid offers all of these features and yet Kitely is modestly priced. With Kitely you get a lot more for a lot less.

    This is not a paid endorsement. I just really like Kitely and Iโ€™m looking forward to the opening of the Kitely Market.

  4.' AviWorlds says:

    Hey Ilan thanks for the marketplace. This can be of a huge help for the Open Sim community! If people who can create take this seriously; this can be a PULLING force that would bring more SL creators out from their SL closets and EXPAND in open sims. In fact they do that I have a wallet full of money waiting for their products!
    I will even turn AviWorlds a Hypergrid Travel enabled grid if that happens. Looking forward for this journey.
    A CENTRAL marketplace area that would serve as a huge source of CONTENT for all OPEN SIM communities. That is the idea!

    •' Minethere says:

      those Isrealis, they such smartypants…ain’t they??? hehe

      and your very right to see this potential Alex-))) Help spread the word will ya?

    •' Joe Builder says:

      Alex you know that’s not the reason for opensims. We are all here because mostly everything is FREE and Residents share. The money people or Economy is in SL that’s there format. Not sure opensims was developed to be a twin to Second Life in the aspect to place a price on everything. That’s why SL is in the boat there in now it started with Money.

      •' Ilan Tochner says:

        Hi Joey,

        I believe it’s about offering people choices. Currently it is hard to get legally licensed content that you can move between grids if that content isn’t a freebie. We want to make it possible for people to get the same type and variety of premium content they can get inside Second Life, and some of the bigger commercial OpenSim grids, and know that what they’re buying is not stolen content.

        Similarly, merchants should be able to sell to the entire metaverse without having to set up shop in multiple locations. They don’t even have to have a presence in Kitely itself.

        If merchants converge around Kitely Market then I believe that many of the cost-related problems that are driving people away from SL can be overcome without throwing the baby (premium content) away with the bath water (high-priced grids). A grid-agnostic online megastore that allows merchants to sell items for real money will enable the metaverse to retain the sense of freedom it has now but gain the legally obtained premium content that is currently found only in the big closed grids.

      •' AviWorlds says:

        No Joey. Open Sim Source code is free. Like Math is and it is what we make of it that creates a VALUE. Just because SL has an economy; That does not mean it should be the only place that has content.
        Open Sim is a vast community and I am sure, positive about the DEMAND for content.
        So like I said on the top there; Open Sim Source is free. It is what you make of it.
        And I am sure creators would love to make even more money if possible. Sure freebies are nice.
        But once you introduce a DEMAND for VALUED items then yes DEVELOPMENTS are even more possible!
        Open Sim being free along with a place that offers good quality content will make a nice combination.

        •' Joe Builder says:

          Alex again opensims wasn’t made to be the sister Grid to SL. Its why its known as a FREE metaverse, you start putting a price tag on already free you will make it a ghost town.
          Also consider the huge amount of people using Sim on a Stick, New World Studios and Diva Distro. Not counting the the Grids/Regions that are home based. There is a small handful of Grids that do try to make some money do to there Opensim development and mass amount of Regions. Maybe its how I look at it, But if a grid don’t offer anything in development department then don’t charge for a free already code. OSGrid, Metropolis, Craft World these are a few of the Big ones that Free content and sometimes regions are still free, That’s what keeps our Virtual Community of Opensims alive. You can spin it any way you like most come for the Free Opensim part of it, like it should be. Lastly have you ever noticed why there is a tiny tiny percentage of top SL creators not in opensims? Because SL is made for Economy that’s there Format.

    •' Ilan Tochner says:

      Hi AviWorlds,

      That is indeed our goal, to enable merchants to sell to all virtual worlds from a single location without having to deal with anyone’s virtual currencies and to enable people to buy content they can take to multiple virtual worlds with as little effort as possible.

      People should be able to buy content they can take with them when they move between virtual worlds and merchants should be able to decide which of their items will be exportable to the metaverse. Market dynamics will define how much premium merchants will be able to charge for exportable items.

  5.' Gaga says:

    I’m watching these developments with keen interest. Kitely has a good reputation and fair pricing and that makes a great option for new people to get established in the free Metaverse. I too have money to spend and I look forward to doing some shopping at the new Market in the coming months.

    BTW, for anyone settting up a new store or a grid and events feel free to promote it to our G+ community at Opensim Virtual

  6. love this idea, wouldnt mind having it part of my grid once i get it up and going. (still in pre alpha due to missing php scripts im guessing i have to write.)

  7.' Samantha Atkins says:

    I think a full Kitely Credit exchange is the next necessary step to draw many merchants and creators into Kitely.

    •' Ilan Tochner says:

      Hi Samantha,

      Making KC convertible into a real currency has too many legal
      implications for us to pursue any time soon due to recent FinCEN
      guidelines for anti money laundering registration requirements for
      virtual currencies. It isn’t even clear at this time whether Second Life will be able to continue keeping L$ convertible into real money.

      That said, you’ll be able to sell your Kitely Market items for USD and/or KC. If you sell them for USD then your sales revenue (minus Kitely and PayPal fees) will be automatically deposited into your PayPal account without any need to exchange KC.

      • Initially, I thought that the inability to cash out KC might be a problem but the more I thought about it, the more the straight to Pay Pal option made sense. I know some areas of the world can’t use Pay Pal. Maybe if Kitely could find a way to use another service compatible to those areas, people wouldn’t worry so much about the cash out problem, or there could be easier work arounds. Google check out/wallet, click2whatever it was, and those other ones.

        Being able to use PP or an alternative would be a better deal.

        •' Minethere says:

          I should point out that Kitely, also unique among commercial grids, allows their regions to be paid via KCs, as well as PP and such.

          Which is pretty darn cool I think.

          So having market items paying you in PP or KCs, you can mix them up as needed, and change them up as needs change.

          I have 2 items ready for the market in my own since I am a prolific seller…..hehehehehe

          But seriously, I did them to test how it looks. Ilan mentioned at the weekly meeting the buyer side interface will be open sometime next week for sellers to see how the shops look but not to the public yet.

          • Yep, we’re definitely on the same schedule ๐Ÿ˜› I’ve had a LOT of transition in the last year so have been on mostly a hiatus. I’ve been keeping up with HB, Kitely, Ener and a few others regularly though but finally have totally free roam again to get back in world. I’m updating my new laptop, redoing my site, redoing and creating my new worlds and went ahead and opened a store, though there’s nothing up there just yet. I’m super excited though. It’s like I’m returning at the most exciting time, all these new options and features in place and about to launch.

            I may lock myself in my bedroom and stay in my Kitely worlds for the next two weeks straight ๐Ÿ˜›

          •' Minethere says:

            hiatus from virtual reality?? is that even possible and can you do a tutorial???-))

            I have seen some of your work in kitely, the Mentor’s hangout, for one-))

            I am sure Ilan and Oren are happy your back and active.

            I have been making it a point to try to attend the weekly meetings and this weeks had a good turnout….mostly they have been discussing the market but other things come into the mix.

            The last summary is here.


            be well-))

          • thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ No tutorials…it was cold turkey and a huge r/l transition that didn’t give me time to do anything but sleep ;p I just got a SWEET new laptop with 8gb ram and a 1 tb hard drive and will spend a few days transferring my files and organizing them (I need 10 tutorials for that myself)…and then I can pick up SOAS and start creating again, get back to Kitely, set up shop and indulge! So happy~