Avination code donation speeds up logins, teleports

Avination donated code to the OpenSim project today intended to reduce viewer disconnects, crashes, server instability, and teleport failures.

According to the company announcement, the technology is called “HTTP-inventory throttling.”

What happens is that when an avatar first appears in a new location, the user’s viewer requests information about the new location. That information is normally sent all at once, creating a big bottleneck, which can result in viewer or server crashes. In addition, if the information fails to arrive, the viewer will request everything again, and the multiple requests will slow everything down.

Avination grid welcome area.
Avination grid welcome area.

“The solution is to take a step back and send data slightly slower to allow both sides time to work,” the company said in its press release.

The code was originally developed for internal use on the Avination grid and has been in use “for quite some time,” according to the company.

Early reports show that the technology works well outside Avination, as well.

“I have several sims and grids running it,” said  Timothy Rogers, founder and CEO of Zetamex, an OpenSim hosting company.

“I tested it myself,” he said in a discussion on the Opensim Virtual Google Plus community. “Teleporting is just POOF and POOF. And I don’t even know what a region crossing is anymore!”

Maria Korolov