Virtual school seeks potential students in S. Carolina

Press release: Proposed Charter School Reaches Final Step

NOBLE Virtual World, Inc., announced today that chartering of NOBLE Virtual School of South Carolina is now on the last step of the process – a hearing in front of the Board of Trustees of the South Carolina Public Charter School District.

This hearing will be in late July or early August. As part of the requirements, NOBLE Virtual needs to provide evidence that there is sufficient parent and student interest to actually open the school in the fall of 2014. In order to do this, NOBLE Virtual will need to submit a list of at least 300 South Carolina students who are interested in the possibility of attending the school.

NOBLE Virtual School of South Carolina. (Image courtesy NOBLE Virtual., Inc.)
NOBLE Virtual School of South Carolina. (Image courtesy NOBLE Virtual., Inc.)

The NOBLE Virtual School of South Carolina will be the first public school in the United States to be based upon OpenSim interactive 3D virtual world technology instead of a Learning Management System (LMS).

Steve Mashburn
Steve Mashburn

“Instruction delivered through virtual worlds is very open to a constructivist approach with K-12 students. It promotes more project-based learning, collaboration, and higher-order-thinking skills,” said Steve Mashburn, CEO of NOBLE Virtual., Inc. “NOBLE stands for New Opportunities in Better Learning Environments and we hope we have a chance to give that to the students of South Carolina.”

As a public school, NOBLE Virtual School of South Carolina cannot charge tuition to South Carolina residents. It will open in the fall of 2014 as a grades 3-10 school and will increase to grades 3-12 by 2016. More information, as well as a Prospective Student Sign-Up Form, can be found at

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