InWorldz brings mesh deformer to OpenSim

InWorldz, OpenSim’s most popular grid, has made it possible for OpenSim users to have well-fitting mesh clothing.

The grid hired former Second Life developer Karl Stiefvater — known as Qarl Fizz in-world — to finish work on his mesh deformer project, which began with a $5,555 crowdfunded project on Indiegogo. The finished code was then released to the public, under an LGPL license, so that it can be used in any third party viewer.

With the mesh deformer code, mesh clothing is now truly "one size fits all." (Image courtesy InWorldz.)
With the mesh deformer code, mesh clothing is now truly “one size fits all.” (Image courtesy InWorldz.)

“It is a continuation of Qarl’s original work that adds enhancements to make the deformation process 21 times faster, eliminating one of the concerns that was voiced when the original code was produced,” InWorldz co-founder and CTO David Daeschler — also known as Tranquillity Dexler in-world — told Hypergrid Business.

David Daeschler
David Daeschler

According to Daeschler, the code is already being integrated into the Kokua, Cool VL and Firestorm viewers. To use the deformer, users simply need to download the updated versions of these viewers — no additional work is required on the part of the grid owners.

“This particular project is all viewer side,” he explained, adding that the results on his grid have been very good.

Right now, however, only OpenSim users will be able to benefit, not Second Life users.

“We’ve also released the enhanced deformer code in accordance with Linden Lab’s contribution agreement, which means hopefully that it can be accepted upstream at some point and everyone can have easy fitting mesh clothing,” he said. “But third party viewers won’t be able to use it for Second Life until Second Life decides if and when they will integrate the deformer. This is due to the third party viewer agreement that states they can’t include anything that alters the shared experience.”

Maria Korolov