Infographic: How to up sales of regions, currency, and virtual content

Businesses that sell land, currency or virtual content via their websites need to pay attention to online consumer interaction. Specifically, there’s a lot to be learned from e-commerce-related research about how to improve the order process.

While e-commerce businesses selling products such as clothing or jewellery to the general public will deal with consumer interaction on a larger scale with shipping fees, product sizes and colours and return policies to oversee unlike a hosting company offering a service, any business which does offer a service, range of products or an experience will interact with their customer; they will all have to navigate through some sort of payment or order process.

It is this order process which sees a vast majority of consumers abandon their order part way through completion. The average checkout abandonment figure for all online outlets stands at 67.4%. This statistic indicates that vast improvements can be made to improve website usability. Many online businesses are failing to entice their customers to make an actual purchase. While window shopping and product research can account for a small number of this percentage, other factors such as slow loading pages, asking for the same information twice, and account registration requirements are some of the main accountable reasons which can be pin pointed for lost custom – simple errors which make a big difference to sales figures. has collated research from recent studies to produce this infographic which provides businesses of all size and speciality and insight into just how the consumer interacts with the checkout or order process of a website, whether shopping for a garment or service.

Click on the infographic for larger view:

Hypergrid Consumer Psychology and ECommerce Checkouts Infographic