Cubicle Ninjas Introduces Virtual Reality for Business

Press release: Full-service creative design agency, Cubicle Ninjas, launches VR services for business. Their mission is provide businesses with a fresh opportunity to tell stronger stories through the new technology.

Glen Ellyn, IL — Cubicle Ninjas announces a suite of services for businesses looking to explore new opportunities in virtual reality. Virtual reality for business is a promising new field, and Cubicle Ninjas is at the forefront of bringing this new technology to untapped areas of the business world.

“Our mission is to create experiences for our customers that are powerful, emotional, and differentiated from the competition,” says Josh Farkas, founder of Cubicle Ninjas. “To accomplish this, our team continuously looks for new ways to transform ideas into reality. Virtual reality is a fresh opportunity for businesses to tell stronger stories.”

A virtual environment in the "Guided Meditation" Oculus Rift application from Virtual Ninjas. (Image courtesy Virtual Ninjas.)
A virtual environment in the “Guided Meditation” Oculus Rift application from Cubicle Ninjas. (Image courtesy Cubicle Ninjas.)

Virtual reality has been in the news recently due to the buzz around the Oculus Rift, a prototype virtual reality headset used primarily for gaming. Virtual reality is a highly visceral, immersive experience that is already being successfully used in a variety of industries, such as the military, therapy care, and auto sales. But VR has enormous potential in other areas as well, such as 3D Architectural Visualization, Virtual Product Demos, Environment or Process Tours, Virtual Tourism Applications, VR Sales Tools, Virtual Healthcare and Psychological Wellness Apps, and many others.

This new technology provides untouched opportunities for a variety of business needs both in B2B and B2C spaces.

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About Cubicle Ninjas

Cubicle Ninjas is a full-service creative design agency. Their innovative design-focused development approach transforms ideas into highly effective apps, websites, print campaigns, motion videos, and much more, all for the world’s greatest brands. Their emotionally driven design work has been recognized in hundreds of articles, galleries, and awards.

Guided Meditation for Oculus Rift from cubicleninjas on Vimeo.