Sound and explosion effects for hypergate portal

Today, I decided that what my gates were missing were sound and light effects. Other gates had whooshing noises and particle explosions — I wanted them, too.

I couldn’t find any that I liked. Maybe I didn’t search hard enough but anyway, I looked up the instructions for llPlaySound and llParticleSystem and — after a couple of hours of trial-and-error — created my own.

The script attached is completely public domain, CC0 license, for use in any way, shape or form, including commercial. Go nuts.

Particle effect

I can’t get enough of that light show.

Put the script on any box, touch it, and watch the effects. Feel free to play around with the numbers on the llParticleSystem parameters to change the particle colors, sizes, speed, and other attributes. I recommend changing one number at a time to see what it does. Or you can use this handy particle effects tutorial here.

When I put the script inside a gate, however, I plan to change it so that it’s activated when someone walks into a gate, instead of when someone touches it.

The sound effect is actually the system teleport sound.

llPlaySound("d7a9a565-a013-2a69-797d-5332baa1a947", 1);

Makes a very nice whoosh-y noise, and, of course, the teleport sound is appropriate. You can find more system sounds here.

Download the script here: Whoosh effect for teleports.

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