Spellscape donates filtered IAR exports

The London-based Spellscape grid, a magic-themed role play world, has donated code for filtered inventory exports.

This would enable grid owners to allow their users to save their inventories in the form of IAR files, while still protecting exclusive content that is not allowed to leave the grid.

(Image courtesy Spellscape.)
(Image courtesy Spellscape.)

Previously, this was only possible when entire regions were exported in the form of OAR files, a feature donated in 2011 by Kitely.

The IAR filter works in the same way the existing filter for creating OAR files works,” said Alicia Raven, co-founder of the Spellscape grid and the developer who donated the code.

The major difference is that OAR files can be filtered by “copy” and “transfer” permissions, while the new IAR filter can also filter full-perm items.

“With OAR files it is already possible to filter content based on permissions by including the command line switch –perm=CT so that the OAR created will only contain objects with the specified permissions,” she told Hypergrid Business. “This feature was missing from IAR files. It is unaffected by who actually created the inventory item, it only checks the permissions of the item.”

To use the new feature, grid owners would just add –perm=CTM to the console’s SAVE IAR command.

Pendle Castle on Spellscape Grid. (Image courtesy Spellscape.)
Pendle Castle on Spellscape Grid. (Image courtesy Spellscape.)

The new IAR filter is not related to the “export” permission created by Avination and Singularity last year, she added.

Justin Clark-Casey
Justin Clark-Casey

According to OpenSim code develop Justin Clark-Casey, the new feature will be included in the next official release of OpenSim, which could be out sometime this winter.

Spellscape is planning to use the new code on its own grid.

“We are creating an inventory manager at Spellscape so users can download and upload IAR files to and from our website,” said Raven. “The inventory manager is part of our new website project, the new site is online now and we expect the inventory manager and region managers to come soon.”

Spellscape will also be enabling hypergrid, she said, “after we fix some security issues.”

Spellscape has also recently redesigned its website with a modern, sleek look, an online marketplace, and a very user-friendly region pricing calculator with free variable region size upgrades. There are also some free residential parcels still available.

Maria Korolov