Free gates on Hyperica

Now that the Hyperica hyperport is starting to get into shape, I’ve set out some free hypergates for people.

Just teleport over to and pick them up.

I’ve got some all-in-one gates, like the one from The Hypergates, and a Blamgate from Pathfinder, and Diva Canto’s teleporter.

That's a gate from The Hypergates in the background, and a couple of boxed panels on the counter.
That’s a gate from The Hypergates in the background, and a couple of boxed panels on the counter.

The gate from The Hypergates is the one that looks like a Stargate, and you can dial it to go to any destination on their network.

And I’ve also got some two-piece gates, where you slide a square or circular panel inside any frame you like.

Linda Kellie's Froggy gate, Pathfinder's Blamgate, and Diva's Teleporter.
Linda Kellie’s Froggy gate, Pathfinder’s Blamgate, my castle gate, and Diva’s Teleporter. Telephone booth gates are boxed on the counter.

For example, you could use Linda Kellie’s Froggy gate, and slide in my circular panel gate. Each gate works differently.

My panels, for example, are programmed by changing the name of the object to the name of the destination, and the description to the hypergrid address. Then click once on a panel to set it, and walk through it to teleport. The panels automatically go black if the destination is down.

The flat panel has a white label on top with the name of the destination. The round panel has hovertext.

I personally prefer not to use hover text since it’s kind of hard to see, but it does open up a lot of design options.

What the round panel looks like up close.
What the round panel looks like up close.

If you just want the script for the round gate with hover text, you can download it here: MetaMarias Round Hypergate Panel Script with Hypertext v1.0

To use the round gate script, just create a cylinder, flatten it, rotate it to the orientation you want, and put the script in it, and the texture below on the top face:

CC0 portal 16-cell animation
(Click for full-size image.)

All of my content is CC0 licensed, for use in any way whatsover, as is Linda Kellie’s. The other gates have their own license terms.

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