Museo del Metaverso is back on Craft

The Museo del Metaverso — Metaverse Museum — is starting back up again on the Craft grid after two years of inactivity. The Museum was originally created in Second Life in 2007 and in 2010 it moved permanently to Craft.

(Image courtesy Museo del Metaverso.)
(Image courtesy Museo del Metaverso.)

The museum offers a new way of presenting and promoting art through workshops, images, texts, video and performances, and also through many projects organised both in-world and in real locations.

The museum is back in Craft with the purpose of saving the project and its complementary Uqbar Media Art Culture from silence and forgetfulness, which are inevitable if no one will take on the task of writing the next chapter in a story that still has possibilities, taking inspiration from what we have done in the past to realise new experiences in the future.


Museo del Metaverso photographs. (Image courtesy Rosanna Galvani via Flickr.)
Museo del Metaverso photographs. (Image courtesy Rosanna Galvani via Flickr.)

The museum aims to create a collaborative project inside the fields of interest of both the Museo del Metaverso and Uqbar, making a single entity of various cultural projects from contemporary architecture to design; from literature to conferences.

These projects will have two things in common: innovation and cross-media creations, meaning these as the carriers of ideas and innovative themes across different media and into the real physical world.

They will take the form of art exhibitions, performances, concerts, lectures, conferences, training courses, making use of all the partnerships that we are able to establish.

From the collaborative spirit should sprout a social project, developed by a community of motivated and enthusiastic people.

Museo del Metaverso. (Image courtesy Rosanna Galvani via Flickr.)
Museo del Metaverso. (Image courtesy Rosanna Galvani via Flickr.)

To achieve the results described above, the following things are required:

  1. The re-forming of a community of artists and people of good will who love art and culture and are equipped with specific skills;
  2. Provision of an island in OpenSim in order to create a suitable environment; the island will be laboratory, set like a television studio, where you realize things; it will also be the site for any meetings if they can not be done via the web; it will also be a place where people of the community mould the project. The island MdM is already available to the project in Craft World, where the museum is rezzed and shown in all its splendour. The museum is a brand, but it will be nice to renew all works with mostly new jobs.
  3. Web spaces are needed, which may be a group and a page on Facebook, and the blog  with hooks to Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr with all its social and free advantages.
  4. Open source is a more specific requirement of the project.


A project like this needs different specific skills, from the art critic to the sociologist, from Internet guru to author of texts, from teacher to student, from the filmmaker to the web master, the director, the actor, the talented builder and scripter , last but not least, creative people, artists, photographers, designers.

By innovative project we mean a project that uses new media and the resources of the network: YouTube channels, free streaming, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Ello, Google Maps and the thousands of applications available for our smartphones.