Spellscape, Avination fix inventory bug

There is a new version of the OpenSimulator software,, which fixes an inventory permissions bug that appeared in 0.8 and

Justin Clark-Casey
Justin Clark-Casey

This change fixes a problem with the llGiveInventory and llGiveInventoryList scripting commands, said core developer Justin Clark-Casey in a post.

When these script commands are used to give items to an avatar, the next permissions weren’t set correctly.

“So even if no mod, copy, transfer was set on the prim inventory item, the user would wrongly be able to reset those flags on the received item,” he said.

Grids that can’t upgrade to that want to fix this problem will need to manually apply the patch, which is located here.

The welcome region of the Spellscape grid, recently hypergrid-enabled.
The welcome region of the Spellscape grid, recently hypergrid-enabled.

The problem was first discovered by Spellscape, a UK-based magic-themed grid. Spellscape also contributed the initial fix, Clark-Casey said.

OpenSim core developer Melanie Thielker, who is also the owner of the Avination grid, completed the work of adding it to OpenSim.

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