Aussie phone-based VR on sale now for less than $50

There’s yet another smartphone-based virtual reality headset on the market, this time from Australia-based company Phenomec.

(Image courtesy Phenomec.)
(Image courtesy Phenomec.)

The headset, called the VRSmartView Developer Kit, costs AU $49.99 or about US $43.48 and is available for order now from the company’s website. Delivery is currently scheduled for December 12 of this year.

The device is a step up from Google Cardboard, in that the device’s lenses can be adjusted for different pupil area distances.

It is compatible with most popular brands of smartphones, including Apple, Samsung, HTC, and Nokia, with a recommended size of 4.7 to 5.7 inches.

Watch a video about the product below.

Maria Korolov