Mattel releases VR View-Master

(Image courtesy Mattel.)
(Image courtesy Mattel.)

Mattel has updated its View-Master toy, this time, for the smartphone-owning virtual reality generation.

The headset, which is scheduled to hit the market in the fall, is made in bright primary colors and works the same way as any other Google Cardboard-compatible headset — it breaks up the cellphone screen into two sections, and uses lenses to trick the viewer into feeling that they’re immersed in a 3D environment.

The View-Master will also come with a reel — additional reels to cost around $15 for a set of three — which will add augmented reality effects.

But even without the reels, the View-Master can be used as a standard Google Cardboard headset, with around 200 compatible virtual reality apps already in the Google Play store.

Maria Korolov