DigiWorldz grid launches with $8 regions, panoramas

DigiWorldz launched this week, a new filtered grid from one of the founders of 3rd Rock Grid and digital worlds hosting and consulting company Digital Worlds Group.

There were more than 30 new grids in the latest Hypergrid Business monthly stats report, but DigiWorldz stands out not only in the caliber of its backers, the professional design of the website and grid, but also its introductory land prices and its panorama preview tool for OpenSim’s hypergrid destinations.

Welcome region on the new DigiWorldz grid.
Welcome region on the new DigiWorldz grid.

500 regions at $8 each

The grid has set aside 500 regions at the introductory price of $8 for 15,000 prims.

Normally, $8 only gets 5,000 prims. Large varregions are also available — a two-by-two varegions with 20,000 prims for $32 and a three-by-three varegion with 45,000 prims for $72.

Even though it only launched recently, the grid already has the equivalent of more than 300 standard-sized regions.

“And 95 percent  are paid regions,” Michael Sietz, CFO for Digital Worlds Group, told Hypergrid Business. “All of the paid regions came about since March 1. [Founder] Terry [Ford] is adding regions as fast as he can type them in. I don’t know why we held off so long to open.”

Most of the region rentals are going to individuals, Sietz added.

“We are encouraging people to think in continents — to join other people with similar interest around someone who want to run a community based on a theme,” Mark Wiseman, CEO of Digital Worlds Group, told Hypergrid Business.

Digital Worlds Group also serves corporate clients, but they typically get their own grids, he said.

“They don’t use OpenSim for its social online aspect, but as a mock-up tool or to create derivative products,” he said.

Hypergrid preview panoramas

If you’d like to show off some of OpenSim’s prettiest regions to your friends — without having to go in-world — send them a link to the DigiWorldz panoramas. Right now, there are eight different locations from seven grids, and more are expected to come.

The grid also a hyperport hub region up that takes hypergrid travelers to the destinations featured in the panoramas.

“We have two hubs up, each with seven destinations,” said Sietz.

In addition to the hub with the panoramas, a second hub goes to the welcome areas of some of the biggest hypergrid-enabled grids.

“We are creating not just a grid, but a platform that will allow us to show off OpenSimulator and help position the software as the engine for the metaverse,” said Wiseman in a press release. “It’s time to help everyone dive in.”

Maria Korolov