DigiWorldz logo$15 a month for a 16,000-prim region on the hypergrid-enabled DigiWorldz grid, no setup fee. Private grid hosting also available.

DigiWorldz came in second in our 2016 hosting survey.

Additional prims available starting at $2.50 for each additional 1,000 prims, up to 100,000 prims for $100.

New residents can also get a 10,000-prim region for $8 a month, limited to one region per user.

Variable-size regions and landscape regions are also available.

A 1,000-prim landscaping region is $2.50 per month, for residents who already own at least one standard region or larger.

Variable-sized regions:

  • 16,000-prim, 2 by 2 varregion: $20 per month
  • 16,000-prim, 3 by 3 varregion: $24 per month
  • 16,000-prim, 4 by 4 varregion: $26 per month
  • 16,000-prim, 5 by 5 varregion: $28 per month
  • 16,000-prim, 6 by 6 varregion: $30 per month

Full land rental page here.

DigiWorldz also hosts private grids on request. Prices start at $200 for the first server, and $150 for the second, and includes a control panel and second-level tech support. The servers are dedicated, not cloud-based, with a dedicated Internet connection and 12 cores each.

Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is a science fiction writer who covers cybersecurity, AI and extended reality as a tech journalist at her day job.
Check out her author page on Amazon or follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Her first virtual world novella, Krim Times, made the Amazon best-seller list in its category. Her second novella, The Lost King of Krim, is out now.