Kokua update released

imprudence logoAn new version of the Kokua viewer was released yesterday, with updates from the Second Life and the Restrained Love viewers.

There are also fixes for in-world Flash playback, upload fees, and other bugs. See the release notes for full details.

According to a recent analysis of hypergrid traffic, the Kokua viewer is used by around 2 percent of OpenSim users, but it has its supporters.

Geir Nøklebye
Geir Nøklebye

“For me, right now, it is both the fastest and most compatible viewer as a Mac user,” said Xmir grid founder Geir Nøklebye, who is also known as Gavin Hird in-world. “This is because they pick up all the bug fixes and feature improvements from the Second Life viewer very fast and use the most updated libraries. This should also yield good results on Windows, and I know the developer is eager to fix Linux issues. Many were fixed in this release.”

Nøklebye added that the Kokua team works closedly with Marine Kelly on the Restrained Love viewer, are quick to fix reported bugs, and have been supportive of their OpenSim users.

“Since they use the latest Linden code, the viewer should also behave well in Second Life, so it is an all-round tool,” Nøklebye told Hypergrid Business. “It lacks a few features from Singularity, but getting there.”


Maria Korolov

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