AviWorlds offers custom viewers for $125

AviWorlds 1 -- Alex Pomposelli_013
Welcome region on the AviWorlds grid.

AviWorlds, a grid best known for closing repeatedly with no warning, is on a mission to rehabilitate its public image as a member of the OpenSim community.

The grid has hired OpenSim developer Quill Littlefeather, has begun donating code and patches to the OpenSimulator project, and is offering custom viewers to other grids at $125 a pop.

New developer

“I have employed a new programmer and he has fixed and made a new search and classifieds module that makes it possible to be charged,” AviWorlds grid owner Alexsandro Pomposelli told Hypergrid Business. “We have submitted all these patches. We will be submitting lots of patches to the OpenSim devs.”

Quill Littlefeather headshot
Quill Littlefeather

You can already see some of Littlefeather’s work on the OpenSimulator mantis page, which is where developers can submit patches. He has also created standalone modules, such as this module to load release notes from a web page and the OpenSim Avatar Archiver.

His code to enable Web-based welcome messages has already been signed off on by core developer Crista Lopes, also known as Diva Canto, the inventor of the hypergrid.

The most recent donation is a patch for allowing users to pay for classified ads.

“Adding classifieds on money enabled regions would not charge,” Littlefeather wrote in the code submission on the OpenSimulator mantis site on Thursday. The patch also included a fix for land not updating land traffic.

He is also working on fixing search issues in OpenSim, Pomposelli said.

Custom viewers

Many grids, especially closed grids, commercial grids, school grids and business grids would like to have their own viewers so that users don’t have to fiddle around trying to configure a standard viewer to start on their grid.

Alexsandro Pomposelli
Alexsandro Pomposelli

In the future, there are plans to have a way to launch a viewer via a URL that automatically sets the loginURI for a grid.

Until then, grids have had to manually code their viewers, or hire viewer developers to do it for them. Unfortunately, there’s a shortage of viewer developers with time to do this kind of coding.

AviWorlds is now offering custom version of the Firestorm viewer, pre-configured for any particular grid, for just $125.

Pomposelli promises a 48-hour turn-around time for these viewers.

Grids looking to order one can contact him at aviworlds@AviWorlds.us to request a custom viewer.

“We are already taking orders,” he said.


Maria Korolov