Craft promotes summer social season with free rent

In an attempt to combat dwindling logins during the summer months, Craft is organizing a series of summer events — and participants who rent land from the grid get two months free rent for attending.

Every year, residents who are still around complain about how few people there are in-world, grid manager Raffaele Macis, also known as Licu Rau in-world, said in a post this morning.

“This year, we decided to do something different,” he said.

(Image courtesy Craft.)
(Image courtesy Craft.)

The next event will be on Wednesday, July 15 on the Playa region, accessible via hypergrid teleport at

All events run from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pacific.

On Tuesday, July 21, the event will be held on the Aqua region. on Tuesday, July 28, on the Dune region. On Tuesday, August 4, it will be on the Aquarium region. On Tuesday, August 11, it will be on Montes. And on Tuesday, August 25, the event is back on Playa.

Craft regions range from 3 to 22 Euro per month depending on capacity, with a standard 25,000-prim region costing 20 Euros (US $22). The grid also offers an educational discount. And, since the grid is an open grid, regions can also be rented from third-party providers such as Dreamland Metavers, Zetamex or Oliveira.


Maria Korolov