Rogers vows to preserve

Linda Kellie's clothing is available via IAR file on
Linda Kellie’s clothing is available via IAR file on

For the last couple of years, Zetamex, an OpenSim hosting company, has also been hosting, which has a complete collection of Linda Kellie’s OARs, IARs, XML files, and textures.

It’s a treasure-trove of content and includes everything most small grid owners need to get going: avatars, clothing, furniture, buildings, landscaping, scripts and animations, freebie stores, even amusement park rides. And all the content is licensed CC0, meaning that anyone can use it, modify it, distribute it, even sell it, without needing to ask for permission or give anyone any credit.

Because of the amount and variety of the content, and its user-friendly license terms, Linda Kellie’s shopping malls and starter regions have become ubiquitous on the hypergrid, and also a must for anyone starting a small business, school or personal grid.

So Wednesday’s announcement came as a bit of a shock.

“Zetamex has decided to officially stop funding Zadaroo,” said Zetamex president Timothy Rogers in a post.

Linda Kellie's Lake House region, one of dozens of fully built regions, complete with poses and animations.
Linda Kellie’s Lake House region, one of dozens of fully built regions, complete with poses and animations.

But Zadaroo is not going down, Rogers told Hypergrid Business. All that’s happening is that instead of being run by Zetamex the company, it will now by run by Rogers the human.

“I made the agreement with Linda a long time ago,” he said. “I would keep the site running to let people continue to use and access it until I die. Or OpenSim dies. Whichever happens first.”

Linda Kellie's Freebie Mall.
Linda Kellie’s Freebie Mall includes furniture and decorating accessories

People have donated money towards keeping the site up, he said. Meanwhile, Zetamex is a commercial entity that has its own business focus.

“I want the site to continue to function, and not be brought into any kind of political mess,” he said.

Rogers added that the donations that have already come in are enough to keep the site going for several years.

“So no need to worry about it going anywhere,” he said.

“I hope this clears up things,” he added. “There was no drama or anything of that nature.”


Maria Korolov