Apple’s first public VR move is U2 video

(Image courtesy U2.)
(Image courtesy U2.)

Aside from some patents, Apple has been very quiet on the virtual reality front. While many iPhone users are enjoying virtual reality applications and immersive videos, they are using Google Cardboard-compatible headsets.

Today, Apple has finally taken one small public step into virtual reality, with the release of an immersive music video for U2’s “Song for Someone” video, available through the Vrse app.

According to TechCrunch, the music video is part of a larger Apple Music partnership with U2 called “The Experience Bus,” which is basically an environment at concerts for U2 fans to come strap on Oculus headsets and pairs of Beats Solos to check out the “Song for Someone” music video and experience it alongside other fans.

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Maria Korolov