Tangle Grid’s Halloween Expo starts today

Tangle Grid‘s Halloween Expo opened for business today and will run through November 15.

But the grid is still accepting exhibitors.

“We are looking for creators that would like to show their creation in this theme or just drop a few items down to give people something to look at,” grid owner Leslie Kling told Hypergrid Business. “If you think you would like to do that, contact IsambardKingdom Brunel in Tangle Grid.”

The Expo is hypergrid-accessible at tanglegrid.net:8002:EXPO Isle.

(Image courtesy Tangle Grid.)
(Image courtesy Tangle Grid.)

“The idea behind these Expos is to help creators show off what they are doing around the OpenSim grids,” said Kling.

Exhibitors are encouraged to show off their designers, and can provide signs directing visitors to where they can buy the products, but should not be selling at the Expo directly, she added.

“There will be a few surprises and a couple of haunted areas there to have fun with,” she said. “There will also be live DJs on the weekends.”

For more information about the expos, please email expo@tanglegrid.com. Tangle Grid also has a self-updating sign and teleporter available for any grid or region owner intrested in helping to promote the expos.

Maria Korolov