Fastest-growing communities of the year

The Adult Metaverse community was the fastest-growing this year, reaching 1,255 members by the end of 2015, followed by OpenSim Virtual, which reached 1,649 members and retained its spot as the top OpenSim-focused community on Google Plus.

Four grids made the top-fifteen list growth list: Kitely, OSgrid, DigiWorldz, and the Great Canadian Grid. In addition, Metropolis, was on the list of the fifteen largest communities, but only gained 85 new members this past year.

The fifteen fastest-growing communities on Google Plus

  1. The Adult Metaverse: gained 876 members since January
  2. OpenSim Virtual: gained 550 members since January
  3. OpenSim: gained 246 members since November
  4. Opensim Worlds: gained 231 members since February
  5. Virtual World Blogs: gained 214 members since May
  6. The Hypergrid WIP Show: gained 209 members since April
  7. Kitely Virtual: gained 179 members since January
  8. Hypergrid Events: gained 174 members since January
  9. OpenSim Everything: gained 168 members since November
  10. Hypergrid Safari: gained 166 members since January
  11. DigiWorldz: gained 162 members since April
  12. Great Canadian Gridders eh: gained 156 members since February
  13. Metaverse Tours: gained 152 members since January
  14. gained 152 members since January
  15. OpenSimulator: gained 136 members since January

Fifteen largest communities

  1. OpenSim Virtual: 1,623 members
  2. The Adult Metaverse: 1,158 members
  3. 703 members
  4. Kitely Virtual: 555 members
  5. Metaverse Week in Review: 414 members
  6. Hypergrid Safari: 315 members
  7. Metropolis Metaversum: 301 members
  8. Hypergrid Events: 295 members
  9. Hypergrid Destinations: 288 members
  10. OpenSim Destinations: 278 members
  11. OpenSim Creations: 263 members
  12. OpenSim: 246 members
  13. Francogrid: 244 members
  14. Opensim Worlds: 231 members
  15. OpenSim Bloggers: 223 members

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