Merge VR, Goosebumps partner on promotion

Screenshot from the Goosebumps VR app.
Screenshot from the Goosebumps VR app.

Sony Pictures has just released a Goosebumps virtual reality experience for Android and iOS devices, and is promoting it through a partnership with Merge VR.

Merge VR, which makes an expensive, purple Google Cardboard-compatible headset, is promoting the app through its Merge Start platform and is also offering a $15 discount for headset buyers off of its normal $99 price.

The app puts you in the passenger seat of a car driven by Jack Black’s character, the author R.L. Stine, while a giant praying mantis chases you down the street.

It’s a short, quick ride, a fun little commercial for the Goosebumps movie and an easy introduction to virtual reality that goes by too quickly to make anyone feel queasy.

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