Omni hits the road

The Virtuix Omni at the mall. (Image courtesy Virtuix.)
The Virtuix Omni at the mall. (Image courtesy Virtuix.)

The world’s leading virtual reality treadmill, the Virtuix Omni, has begun shipping the devices to its Kickstarter backers last month, saw around $15 million worth of interest from individual investors through SeedInvest, and won at Top Pick Award from Tom’s Hardware at the CES show in Las Vegas (see video below).

The company also took the Omni out to the public. In the video below shoppers at a mall in Austin got to try out the Omni’s commercial entertainment use case.

“We had a constant stream of mall visitors lining up to pay $10 for a five-minute Omni experience,” said Virtuix CEO Jan Goetgeluk in an update to supporters. “Our experiment illustrates that a commercial Omni operator could have a profitable business offering pop-up or location-based VR experiences to the public. The mall visitors loved their Omni experience.”

Maria Korolov

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