Blockchain meets virtual reality

Blockchain diagram. (Image courtesy IBM.)
Blockchain diagram. (Image courtesy IBM.)

Blockchain is a hot enterprise technology topic right now. It’s the tech that makes Bitcoin possible, and allows companies or industry groups to set up distributed transaction records that can’t be repudiated, taking out the middlemen that normally keep these transaction databases.

Now July’s D10e conference in San Francisco will offer a blockchain-related event that will be streamed globally in virtual reality.

The industrial-grade VR camera and live streaming service is being brought to D10e by Shanghai Blockchain Network Technology Co. Ltd and their strategic business partners in North America, Time Technologies (Canada) Ltd. and The Vanbex Group.

Time Technologies will also have a special VR corner where attendees will be able to view and use the emerging technology of live streaming.

Read more at Bitcoinist. Watch IBM’s video about blockchain here.

Maria Korolov