Site update: Menu change, new feeds

Hypergrid Business -- Metaverse category

Per reader request, I’ve added two new links to the menu in the black bar above — VR & AR, and Metaverse. The first will list all the VR articles, and the second will just have the OpenSim-related ones.

If you subscribe to the Hypergrid Business RSS feeds, you can now subscribe to just the VR news, or just the OpenSim news.

Here is the link for the AR & VR category RSS feed:

Here is the link for the Metaverse category RSS feed:

And, in case you need it, the RSS feed for the entire site is

The RSS feed reader that I use is Feedly. You can also add the RSS feeds to Flipboard, by typing in the RSS feed address into the app’s search field on your smartphone. Another option is Google Play Newsstand, available for both Android and iOS — here is the subscription link.

I’ve gone through and updated the last couple of hundred posts. Hopefully, people won’t be scrolling back farther than that in the category listings, but will instead do a regular key world search.

Maria Korolov