Four ways to explore the OpenSim Metaverse using the hypergrid

The main difficulty with networked and distributed spaces like OpenSim is trying to find your way around the 300-plus publicly accessible grids. Exploring and the hypergrid are the two main defining features of OpenSim to me and finding my way around was essential. In this post I will show you four of the main ways that help making exploring via the hypergrid very easy.

From exploring the hypergrid I managed to put together a few grids on a list to make things easier to find and while out exploring I came across four hyperports, which are collections of teleport gates to different destinations and grids on the hypergrid.

Hyperport addresses

  • depot

Hypergrid Depot on OSGrid

Our first hyperport is the Hypergrid Depot by Samuel Greenway on one of the oldest OpenSim grids, OSgrid. The idea of this region is one the most ingenious ways of teleporting people.

Hypergrid Depot on OSgrid. (Image courtesy Leighton Marjoram.)

Hypergrid Depot on OSgrid. (Image courtesy Leighton Marjoram.)

The metaphor of travel is embodied in how the region is designed as a multi platform train station arrivals hall. At each platform there is a train and a sign at the end of the platform indicating where the train will take you. The teleport occurs when you walk inside of the train which is a very effective and interesting way of teleporting.

Eld on Sanctuary Grid

Shaun Emerald’s Eld region is especially dear to me — and to many on the hypergrid — as it was the first hyperport I found in OpenSim. Where I also had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Shaun Emerald. The dedication to maintaining this region is incredible and the teleport list of destinations is huge.

Sanctuary hyperport. (Image courtesy Leighton Marjoram.)

Sanctuary hyperport. (Image courtesy Leighton Marjoram.)

When you arrive on Eld you are in a sky box and directly in front of you is your first gate teleport to the region below. Set in the center is a floating sky island and branching of from that is four other floating islands. On these outer islands you will find a huge selection of teleports and places to sit and contemplate where you want to go with all this choice and the wonderful surrounds.

Weltraumbahnhof on Soloton Grid

Next up is Spike Sol’s Weltraumbahnhof region. It has so many teleports you will definitely want to take a landmark to find your way back here. The selection of places on offer here is phenomenal. One thing all the hyperports share and this one is no exception is that they all have an impressive amount of teleports to a variety of destinations. There is a second floor of destinations, recently added as the floor below was bursting at the seams to contain all the teleporters.

I think Spike Sol might be German as a lot of the signage here is in both German and English, which is unique on the list of Hyperports. Also check out the website link below for more information.

Soloton hyperport. (Image courtesy Leighton Marjoram.)

Soloton hyperport. (Image courtesy Leighton Marjoram.)


There are two parts to Hyperica, the hyperport with many teleports to different places — although the region is under construction at the moment — and once completed will be an interesting and useful resource. The second part is the Hyperica destination website. Both are maintained by Maria Korolov, editor of Hypergrid Business and co-host of Inworld review with Mal Burns.

Hyperica hyperport. (Image courtesy Leighton Marjoram.)

Hyperica hyperport. (Image courtesy Leighton Marjoram.)


Another great resource for finding places on the hypergrid is the OpenSimWorld directory by Satyr Aeon. Currently there over 400 regions — I stopped counting pages at 40 — at the time of writing so there are plenty of regions to visit. There is a region where you can pick up the OpenSimWorld objects to add your own region to the ever growing list on the website.

OpenSimWorld hyperport. (Image courtesy Leighton Marjoram.)

OpenSimWorld hyperport. (Image courtesy Leighton Marjoram.)

Finding my way, or your way around OpenSim is very easy these days and with these hyperports, Hyperica and OpenSimWorld websites travelling and exploring using the hypergrid is a great way to have fun, find friends or explore what OpenSim has to offer.

I made a video as I went around and I hope you log in and check out some new places on the hypergrid. OpenSim has an impressive number of regions interconnected by the hypergrid to explore the hyperports and the OpenSimWorld and Hyperica websites are a testament to the creativity that can be found in OpenSim with easy ways to explore.


If you are new to OpenSim and the concept of the hypergrid, Chic Aeon did a wonderful overview video covering the basics of the hypergrid.

If you know of any others, leave me a comment below and I will add them to the list of destinations. The more the merrier that’s my opinion.

This article reprinted with permission from the Lighthouse Point blog.

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Leighton Marjoram

Leighton Marjoram is the founder of the Out and Proud grid, an LGBTQ student virtual world researcher, online counsellor, activist and author of the HG Traveller blog.

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    Great job once again, many many thanks

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    Wonderful article and videos. Leighton has come a long way in a short time understanding how all this works.

    Chic is also one smart chic-))

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    Good guide.And thank you for also embedding Chic’s movie. It broadens perspective even more.

  5.' Korgi Silvercloud says:

    Great article Maria! When I am out and about in my HG account I LOVE to use OpensimWorld all of the time. It really is an ingenious idea and makes finding active and populated regions as simple as refreshing a browser window. I love hypergates as well, but to me the OpensimWorld project just breathes a new breath of fresh air into the old idea and makes it much easier for newcomers to the Hypergrid to get around. 🙂

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    I think the large list of every grid on the metaverse and allows submissions to update our records now at ZetaWorlds. You should check it out at “”

  7.' Thelma Marks says:

    There is also a really awesome HG board at ZetaWorlds I use it quite frequently it is located on the welcome region. You can also have your grid added to it. Would be good to link to it in this article because its really nice and easy to use! This is a bit different because it tells you the grids that are HG capable where as a lot show regions this one is a bit different in terms of this very useful! You can get to this by going to