OSCC presentation videos available

If you missed the panels from last weekend’s OpenSim Community Conference, you can now catch up with some of them on YouTube.

OpenSimulator Core Developer Panel

A discussion of key issues facing OpenSim developers, with Avacon founder Joyce Bettencourt, OpenSimulator core developer Robert Adams, core developer Michael Cerquoni, OpenSim core developer and Virtual Highway grid tech manager Kevin Cozens, OpenSim developer and hypergrid inventor Crista Lopes, OpenSim developer and Avination grid founder Melanie Thielker and OpenSim core developer Ubit Umarov.

The video below was produced by Metaworld Broadcasting for Avacon:


Beyond the Viewer – the Future of World Interfacing

A discussion of issues facing OpenSim viewer development, with InWorld Review host Mal BurnsVirtual Outworlding editor Selby Evans, virtual worlds designer and former Second Life evangelist John “Pathfinder” Lester, Crista Lopes and InWorldz grid president Beth Reischl.

The video below was produced by Metaworld Broadcasting for Avacon:


OpenSimulator Statistics

A presentation by Hypergrid Business editor Maria Korolov about the current state of the OpenSim metaverse, with additional data about virtual reality headset market growth. The presention slides are here.

The video below was produced by Metaworld Broadcasting for Avacon:


Immersive & Social VR Platforms

A discussion about new social and immersive virtual reality platforms with Mal Burns, IEEE virtual worlds standard group vice chair William BurnsVRScout author and VR evangelist Rob CrascoSine Wave Entertainment CEO Adam Frisby and Sine Wave account manager Digvijay Tiwary.

The video below was produced by Metaworld Broadcasting for Avacon:


Enabling the Forgotten Avatars

A discussion about ways to address the needs of OpenSim users with disabilities and new simple and creative ways to get everyone involved in the virtual world community no matter what their needs are, with A Dimension Beyond developer Tim Elliott, A Dimension Beyond CEO Steve LaVigne and Laxton Consulting president Lisa Laxton.

Watch Laxton’s presentation below:


OpenSimulator eCommerce Panel

A discussion of the shopping and currency developments for residents and merchants on OpenSim grids, with Gloebit founder and CEO Christopher Colosi, Hypergrid Business editor Maria Korolov, and Kitely CEO Ilan Tochner. Read related article on Kitely Market growth here.

The video below was produced by Metaworld Broadcasting for Avacon:


HyperGrid Safari at #OSCC16

A tour of the OpenSim hypergrid, with Mal Burns, John Lester, Hypergrid Safari founder Thirza Ember, and HG Vizionz magazine owner Sunbeam Magic.

The video below was produced by Metaworld Broadcasting for Avacon:


Evaluating VR Platforms: OpenSimulator, Unity 3D, WebGl and Other Applications

A panel in which developers share their experience with different virtual reality platforms, with Colorado Technical University professor Cynthia Calongne, Michael Cerquoni, Adam Frisby, Crista Lopes and DeepSemaphone CEO Ramesh Ramloll.

The video below was produced by Metaworld Broadcasting for Avacon:

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

11 Responses

  1. foxxe.c.wilder@gmail.com' Foxxe Wilder says:

    Is there a written version of this or is it all in long boring videos? (it seems these days you can’t get a decent tutorial or review without some badly produced or excessively drawn out video these days.) Apparently the art of writing has been lost.

    • As far as I know, nobody has posted transcripts of these yet … but I’ll check.

      • OK, turns out that YouTube actually creates transcripts — I did not know this! Thanks, Google!

        You open the video, then under the “More” tab under the video there’s a transcript option. It doesn’t tell you who’s speaking, but it gives you a little sense of what the conversation is about, and the time stamp so you can jump to that part of the video to listen.

    • bagman1673@gmail.com' Allan Carr says:

      Right on! Executive summary please.

  2. geir.noklebye@dayturn.com' XMIR Grid says:

    The only persons who made sense in the “Beyond the Viewer” discussion was Pathfinder and Beth Reischl. – The rest of the discussion…


  3. netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

    Hmm…very small amount of people.

  4. netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

    I dont understand why core developers do not create a automated registration page for opensim like the project WHITECORE has. Would make it alot easier

    • Are you talking about a website where users can sign up for a new account on a grid? What’s what Wifi does. It’s a free add-on for OpenSim, created by core developer Crista Lopes, and is part of her Diva Distro and used by a LOT of grids. At least 103, according to my latest count.

      Find out more about it here: http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Wifi

  5. vince.medlock@gmail.com' Vinstor says:

    Will the rest of the conference sessions be posted as well? There were a few specifically about education that I planned to attend, but a strange grid called Real Life got in the way.