Mesh bodies available in OpenSim

Mesh body models from Sapphira. (Image courtesy Morrigan Bellic.)

OpenSim users can buy legal mesh bodies for their avatars — and the news has helped keep noted designer Linda Kellie from leaving.

Jessica Random and I sat down the other day and made a pro and con list,” she wrote in a post yesterday. “And in the end one of the things we would miss by not being in Second Life was our mesh avatars. What can I say… we’re vain and like to be pretty.”

She wanted to find a legal mesh body, not a stolen one from Second Life, and found it on the Kitely Market: the Sapphira Mesh Body.

“Jessica and I each got one and had them delivered to our Metropolis avatars and played with them yesterday and today and it helped us to decide that OpenSim is the place we want to be,” Kellie wrote. “This mesh body does everything that the ones in Second Life do. It has some of the same perks and some of the same problems. But it is just as good as the Second Life ones and in some cases even better.”

Kellie said that she plans to make clothing to go with this avatar that she will give away free to OpenSim users, and has received the go-ahead from the creator who makes the mesh body.

“As far as I know, we are currently the only legal fitted mesh body system outside Second Life,” Sapphira creator and Imagine Skins and Fashion store owner Morrigan Bellic told Hypergrid Business.

The version sold on the Kitely Market is the same one she sells in Second Life and on InWorldz, she said. There are three foot heights, 15 poses for the hands, and a full HUD system. The fitted mesh body is sold with the modify permission, and can be delivered directly to any avatar to any hypergrid-enabled grid and many closed grids — the Kitely Market currently delivers to more than 160 grids.

Bellic is currently working on a male body, she said.

Although the Sapphira avatar is currently the only human mesh body on the Kitely Market, there are some non-human shapes.

Female kobold mesh avatars. (Image courtesy Kitely Market.)

They include a zombie, a werewolf, a female kobold and a male kobold, and a hazmat suit.

There is currently no way to filter the Kitely Market listings for just mesh-based avatars, Kitely CEO Ilan Tochner told Hypergrid Business.

“If we see enough such mesh-based avatars offered we may consider adding an attribute to the Avatar Appearance category,” he said.

According to Tochner, mesh avatars can look better and be better optimized for viewer performance than the standard system avatars.

“However, they create limitations on which clothing can be used and that can limit their appeal until a sufficient variety of compatible clothes are made available,” he said. “We’d love to see more merchants offer high quality mesh avatars with a collection of starter cloths to overcome this initial limitation.”

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Maria Korolov

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39 Responses

  1.' Christine Cochran says:

    That is an excellent idea regarding the starter clothes. You may see that with the Sapphira very soon. We have several designers throughout the OpenSim grids that design clothing and shoes for the Sapphira body. We also have a couple that are working on rigging their current clothing to the Sapphira body for a better fitted mesh fit.

    •' Ilan Tochner says:

      That’s wonderful news Christine, I’d love to see them included as part of mesh avatar’s Kitely Market listing or sold as affordable packs in Kitely Market. Even having them sold separately for a premium could work, if that is what the content creators prefer, just as long as there is enough variety to turn these avatars into a viable choice for OpenSim users.

      •' Christine Cochran says:

        I know Linda Kellie is working on appliers for her clothing and that will all be offered free. I’m working on bringing in more of my skins and clothing, as well. Lexi Ceryos is working on rigging mesh to the body and will soon have some of her clothing on Kitely. Danielle, Slutwear by Lexi, and Urban 4 U all have clothing on Kitely and in several grids. Imagine has several skins, a couple of outfits, and several shoes. There are several stores in OpenSim grids that have appliers for the body. TipToe has a nice selection.

        •' Arielle says:

          A few weeks ago I purchased the Slink Hourglass and noticed they had included a Personal Hud ( )that allows the application of full perm wearable textures from shirts, pants, gloves etc. At the time I thought what a great hud for Opensim mesh bodies to have since many of us have full perm clothing from past creators which could be re-utilized to greatly expand the available clothing options for mesh bodies. I hope you could include such a thing as at this time, although a great product, the price point is just a bit too high for the limited usage I would have for it. A Hud that allows easy application of my full perm wearables however would certainly push me over to the buy side of the fence.

          •' Linda Kellie says:

            This body came with all of the appliers in full perms (except the script is no modify). But you can just add the UUID # of the clothing template into the configure notecard and save it and that is your hud. You can make copies of your hud and make as many as you want. So you can use it for personal use or to sell or give your clothing away.
            With slink you get the personal hud but you have to jump through hoops to get the creator one. There is an online application and you have to have a marketplace store for them to view before you are accepted and they send your applier scripts.
            So what you are asking for is already part of her package. 🙂 Unless I am missunderstanding.

          •' Arielle says:

            Ok yes, Slinks drag and drop method didn’t work but the uuid insertion did the trick. Might be something to promote to the Opensim diy crowd.
            I see what you mean though Linda about the pain it will be not having copy perms on the body as every outfit change will require a bunch of tweaking of both appliers and alpha’s to get everything sorted properly for each individual fit.

          •' Christine Cochran says:

            I have changed the permissions in the body. It is now copiable.

          •' Linda Kellie says:

            Yay, Will you be sending out the updated/copiable version to people who have already purchased it or will we have to purchase it again to get it?

          •' Christine Cochran says:

            I will resend it out to everyone by the end of the week. It’s a pretty long list lol

          •' Linda Kellie says:

            Jessica and I both got our updated ones. Thank you so much for sending them. Great customer service!

          •' Christine Cochran says:

            You are very welcome. I try to keep our customers happy.

          •' mikelorrey says:

            Excellent product support, Christine. I have a bunch of freebie tshirt textures I’d like to make available, please contact me in Kitely.

          •' Christine Cochran says:

            Excellent. Thank you!

          •' Christine Cochran says:

            In the body system’s HUD, there are 8 skin presets. These are modifiable to where you can put in any skin or clothing UUID’s to apply whatever skins or clothing you have the textures for. That would give you the opportunity to create your own clothing presets or skin presets. We also include the developer kit with appliers for skins, clothing, nails, etc.

          •' Jessica Random says:

            I would add that the developer kits are not just for “developers”. They are super easy to use and anyone with the textures can add them to the kits and use them. I’ve been playing with the skin kit with some really old freebie skin textures (like starlight) and within 1 min of starting I was wearing the skin. Don’t let the word “developer” put you off!

    •' Christine Cochran says:

      I’ve seen the bodies by “Skin Sinsation.” Very nicely done. I haven’t seen the “Wee Folks” bodies. I’ll have to check those out, as well.

  2.' Buzzy Bristol says:

    Looking forward to the male mesh avatar!

    •' Christine Cochran says:

      I’m looking forward to getting it out there. I think it will be a great addition.

      •' mikelorrey says:

        Yes theres a few guys I’ve heard from who are looking forward to it. One question: is this mesh body going to be wearable while hypergridding? I assume that as long as it is bought through the Kitely Market exportable, that it should be?

        •' Christine Cochran says:

          It will be exportable just like the female body. So yes, you’ll be able to wear it while hypergridding about.

  3.' Fanny says:

    Do you have to wear a mesh body to have a shape so out or proportion its hard to tell if your human or hippo?

    •' Christine Cochran says:

      Since it’s fitted mesh and works with the body sliders, you can create a shape as slender or curvy as you want. The Sapphira body is a little curvier than some like. Once I finish the projects I’m working on, we are looking at doing a slimmer version, as well.

  4.' Allan Carr says:

    This is a huge step forward for Opensim. Thank you Chrisine!

    •' Christine Cochran says:

      You are very welcome. I’m anxious to help grow awareness for all of the excellent designers out there.

  5. Linda Kellie has already created her first set of clothing appliers for this mesh body, and they’re available for free on her region on the Metropolis grid.

    Hypergrid address: Kellie

    Full post here:

  6.' iidripdiamonds diamond says:

    Yay Morri and the model in the pink bathing suit is me.All the models look pretty.Congrats and thanks for making an awsome body for opensim and to all the other creators who have made bodies as well we sure need these items.

  7.' Kara Kelly says:

    It’d be nice if they weren’t all so hideous though.

    •' Christine Cochran says:

      If what weren’t all so hideous? I’m afraid you lost me there.

      •' Kara Kelly says:

        The skins/shapes. They look hideous as do most of the freebies. It’d be nice if somebody could make decent skins for the open market. I’m pretty sure nobody enjoys looking like a deformed drag queen or rodent vampire ;p

        •' Arielle says:

          I guess you had no problem finding a good troll skin then, ;p

        •' Christine Cochran says:

          The Sapphira works just like any of the SL fitted mesh bodies. That is where we started. You use the same kind of appliers. You can wear mesh clothing with it. So the quality of your skin and clothing is completely up to you. You can use your current shape with it and modify it accordingly. So, I’m not really sure where your issue is with the mesh body system. There are a lot of content creators that create high quality products for the Sapphira body. More to come on that one……..

  8.' Cecil Wine says:

    I’m a designer that has been looking at making appliers for the Sapphira mesh body for Opensim grids…anyone know if I can get just one developer’s kit and use it for all the grids that I service?

    •' Mistress Skydrake says:

      I am a little late to the conversation but I would like to inquire same as Cecil about developers kits, I will take a look at Linda’s appliers

    •' JozeeTungsten says:

      Check out OpenSim Sailing. If you need help, IM me.

  9.' burnt plaid says:

    Two things that made me hesitate to wear a mesh avie. One is copy-botted mesh which has been talked about enough . The other is when teleporting, often the mesh dress shows up a few seconds after the nude body. A friend said he could solve that. I gave him the xml of my present avie He made a fitted mesh with a clothing layer. Now i wear system clothes on my body and mesh clothes on the clothing layer. No more nudism for me. Added bonus—I still look like me. I was able to use my own skin and since the shape was already mine. I have mesh, I have a legal non-copybotted body, and i still am me. Gimisa Cerise ( my friend) gave me the copy of my weighted body so I could re-weight clothes to fit my exact size and shape. Adjusting the sliders a wee bit allowed me to have both a teen avie and an adult avie.