Party Destination Grid

US$14per month for a 15,000-prim region on the Party Destination Grid that supports up to 40 simultaneous visitors.

Other region sizes also available.

A 7,500 prim region that can hold ten visitors is $10 a month, and a 3,500-prim water region that can hold five visitors is $3.50 a month.

The grid is on the hypergrid, and accepts Kitely Market deliveries.

Full land pricing details here.


9 Responses

  1.' John Simmons says:

    The pricing of visitors AND prims in this configuration is not attractive. There are plenty of alternatives with better pricing and visitor friendliness. Then again, with no hypergrid, visitors aren’t very likely. I give this grid 6 months. Until they pivot or die.

  2. Welcome everyone to our world. Now special for new members we have big discount to all our prices. You can find it on our web page.
    Party Destination Grid, always with you.

  3.' Trix Canning says:

    NO HYPERGRID!!!!! It’s a ghost world, freebies are 10 years old no resources or alternatives, get simona stick and you get better served because you can load oars and have hypergrid.

  4.' Trix Canning says:

    My feedback as 59 days user.
    No comunication. No support, No Hypergrid, No resources or 10 years old freebies and as a female user your starter avi with no alternative is a shemale one. All the grid owner told me was “free land forever!!!” I got also got baned forasking and talking about hypergrid with other users (only 2) and to give my feedback on Google Plus.

  5.' Ramblin' Rick says:

    This is not Daytona everyone gets to take there time & enjoy fun & friendly people, 8)

  6. Hello again.
    Well as some gave us few days and some gave us half year, but we are still here and live more then ever.
    So everyone join us and have fun in our grid where we get so much new members. We are HG open have
    beacon all around the grid, our own money system and Podex to enjoy everywhere you are. Party+s are all
    around the grid. Our price for renting are good plus we offer many jobs to earn money, gambling and adulty.
    Our great team members are waiting for you to join us.