This fall’s AvatarFest to be the last

AvatarFest 2017. (Image courtesy Han Held.)

Citing changes in the social fabric of the hypergrid, Han Held announced in the official AvatarFest Google Plus group that 2018 would be the last year of AvatarFest, the annual OpenSim festival celebrating end user creativity.

“VisionZ has folded, Hypergrid Business is decreasing focus on OpenSim, the HG Safari has wound down and I feel in my heart and I feel in my bones that it’s time for AvatarFest to join them,” Held said in the post. “2018 will be the final year that I hold this festival. It is time to pass the torch and make room for something else.”

Eryn Galen is still involved with the event but Held would be acting as the sole contact and warned to expect some bumps this year.

“This summer I am handling both AvatarFest and managing Second Life’s Confederation of Democratic Simulators, a democratically-managed user-run estate,” said Held. “As a result I expect to spend the summer getting hit from all sides and not knowing which way is up.”

Held praised the people who have participated in AvatarFest to date.  “I’ve done the Second Life birthdays for years, and been to the Linden Art exhibits and several events on the hypergrid as well, but what I’ve seen from y’all stands toe to toe with anything on those events, and often better!”

As of August 6, all performer slots are filled but volunteers are still encouraged to sign up to mingle and to act as greeters.

The performer schedule for AvatarFest 2018 is:

Friday, Oct. 5: Dj Strannik
Saturday, Oct 6: Torben Asp
Sunday Oct. 7: Han Held’s DJing debut

In addition, while a number of exhibitor slots have already been claimed, but there are still many more to be filled. The area will be open for building on August 17. The deadline for exhibitor applications is September 8, and those interested should apply via the AvatarFest website.

AvatarFest will officially open to the public on October 5, and will run through November 30. It is accessible via hypergrid teleport to

“We will probably wait a few days after that to give participants a chance to claim their assets, but then everything will be wiped clean, even the OAR’s,” said Eryn Galen. “The only exception might be the website, but that has not yet been decided.”

Links and announcements about AvatarFest will be posted in the AvatarFest Google Plus group.