Do you want to be a beta reader?

Do you like reading science fiction and telling authors what’s wrong with their books?

I need you!

The draft of my second story in my Krim series is done and I’m certain that it’s full of plot holes and incomprehensive motivations and other problems that I’m just not seeing because I’m the author.

Can you help?

And if you start reading and find out that you just can’t get through it, I want to know. Did the story get bogged down? Did it get too annoying to read?

Though it’s novella-length, so not too long. And it is set in a virtual world — but definitely not based on any grids that I know.

I’ll try to fix as many problems as I can before I publish it, but I probably won’t be able to fix them all. If I try, the book will never get published! The best I can do is keep getting better with each story.

If this is something you’re interested in, please email me —

Or if you’re also interested in writing stories based in the metaverse, and want to exchange ideas.

Or if you just want a character or place named after you or your grid!

Thanks, everyone!

Maria Korolov