HyperGrid Zone Magazine is out


The November issue of HyperGrid Zone Magazine includes a feature about how to get banned from DigiWorldz, as well as features about artists, performers, and designers from around the hypergrid.

HyperGrid Zone Magazine is supported by DigiWorldz grid owner and founder Terry Ford, and is published monthly.

“We’re working hard to bring you quality articles about the people and places in DigiWorldz & OpenSim,” said publishing director Orb Emerald. “Please feel free to submit requests and suggestions in group chat.”

The magazine also accepts advertising, and people can visit its location on the Eclectique region of the DigiWorldz grid and drop a notecard with comments, suggestions, and requests. The hypergrid address is login.digiworldz.com:8002:Eclectique, and the region coordinates are 43, 288, 21.

Maria Korolov