Hypergridders visit virtual Ireland at Tuesday’s Christmas Hop

(Image courtesy Reiner Schneeberger.)

The Hypergrid Hoppers are heading over to Ireland tomorrow, Dec. 15, to meet Santa Claus. Virtually, that is.

“The end of the year is coming and we will hop to the place where Santa has one of his main package stations,” Reiner Schneeberger — also known as Art Blue in-world — told Hypergrid Business. “At this time of the year his packaging machines work day and night to fill the baskets of the ones believing in his existence. The Amazon of Terralysium you may say, when the Elysium happens on Earth.”

And the work continues unaffected by the virus, he said. He and co-organizer Kisma Reidling, also known as Juliette Surreal-Dreaming in-world, said they talked to Simon Coveney, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Defence.

“As Minister for Foreign Affairs we’ve been working on the Santa Claus issue for a number of weeks now,” he told HG Hoppers. “It’s important to say to all children in the country that we regard Santa Claus’s travels as essential travel for essential purposes and therefore he is exempt from the need to self-quarantine for 14 days and should be able to come in and out of Irish airspace and indeed in and out of Irish homes without having to restrict his movement.”

Hypergrid travelers may be able to meet Santa in person on Tuesday, December 15, 2020 at 1 p.m. Pacific time.

“We have to ask for clearance to enter the airspace where Santa is waiting for our arrival,” said Schneeberger. “You know Ireland is a member of the European Union and there exists the General Data Protection Regulation. Everyone has to agree with GDPR.”

That means that travelers have to agree to the destination grid’s terms of service when they first teleport in, he explained.

Tuesday’s trip starts out, as usual, on the HG Hoppers region of the Craft World grid.  The hypergrid address is craft-world.org:8002:HG Hoppers.

(Image courtesy Reiner Schneeberger.)

“From there we take the hop to Misty Isle,” said Schneeberger. This is the second trip to the Misty Isle for the Hypergrid Hoppers, who previously visited this land of fairies, elves and leprechauns in 2019.

Misty Isle is the creation of Moses Rae and Stormy Scorpio. Scorpio will be one of the artists featured in the immersive art show Amerika Art Interbiennale.

Maria Korolov