Monentes Jewelry is back, making virtual jewelry physical

Do you ever wish to bring some of your virtual life into your real one?

Your pet flying dragon may have to wait but the jewelry you wore to your last ball might be available to order.

Monentes Jewelry, best known for its jewelry store on the Continuum Grid — hypergrid address Jewelry — has reopened its real-world store.

Store owner Marianna Monentes shut the physical store down last year after COVID-19 hit.

Mariana Monentes

“With multiple sclerosis and life, the emotional toll it takes when facing a pandemic is why I decided to take my real life jewelry store down,” she told Hypergrid Business. “‘Who would need jewelry in a pandemic?’ was my first thought. Then my second was, ‘Will I even survive this?'”

But now that she’s been vaccinated, hope has returned, she said. “New ideas started flooding my thoughts. Thoughts of trying again one more time, even if persons did not need the jewelry, I need to create. I create for therapy, creating helps me to feel that I matter.”

She’s not the only one who feels hopeful.

“I have sales that I am working on now,” she said. “People seem to be more optimistic about the future and that is a very good thing!”

Now, on the Keepin’ it Real section of her online jewelry showcase, customers can get the physical versions of some of her top-selling in-world items, such as this platinum ring.

The Platinum Spring Floral Band from Monentes Jewelry.

One of the first original creations she made available this spring is her sterling silver Wave Bangle.

“Monentes Jewelry was created to be worn in virtual worlds until friends asked to please sell the jewelry in the real,” she said.

The website also sells a curated selection of products from Stuller, a well-known jewelry manufacturer. Since she orders directly from Stuller, there’s an opportunity for her to get steep discounts, that she passes along to her customers, she said.

“So this would be an ideal time to stock up jewelry at affordable prices,” she said. “To all my friends who supported me along the way it is with sincere appreciation I love all of you! Thank you for the continued support!”

Learn more at Marianna Monentes’ blog. You can also visit her jewelry studio on Sansar.

Maria Korolov