Grids hit record high, pass Second Life in land area

The top 40 OpenSim grids have reached 25,248 regions, a new record high. They also reported 295,411 total registered users and 19,505 active users this month, both of which are also record highs.

The previous record high was last October, when the 40 top grids had 25,202 regions. The numbers dropped dramatically the following month, when OSgrid cleared around 3,000 unused region from its map.

Meanwhile, of the nearly 300 public OpenSim grids, 221 reported their statistics this month, and their land area adds up to a total of 27,606 regions — 375 regions more than Second Life’s current total of 27,231 regions. This is the first time that the land area of the public OpenSim grids has exceeded the land area of Second Life.

Total regions on the top 40 public OpenSim grids. (Hypergrid Business data.)

Total regions on the top 40 public OpenSim grids. (Hypergrid Business data.)

The biggest gainers this month were OSgrid, which grew by 357 regions, Kitely, which gained 335 regions, and Metropolis, which gained 192 regions. Nineteen other grids gained 50 regions or less.

The three top commercial grids — InWorldz, Avination, and Kitely — brought in the most new registered users. InWorldz gained 2,089 new users, Avination gained 1,694, and Kitely gained 1,215.

A total of 221 grids reported some statistics this month, out of a total of 295 active grids. All these grids combined had 27,606 regions and 22,482 active users.


For company and school grids, relative popularity is not an issue — the grids are set up for a specific purpose, and if they meet that purpose, then they are successful. The same is true for grids run by niche communities or that serve a special purpose not found elsewhere.

But when it comes to general-purpose social grids, the rule of thumb is: the bigger and busier, the better. People looking to make new friends look for grids that already have the most users. Merchants looking to sell content will go to the grids with the most potential customers. Event organizers looking for the biggest audience… you get the idea.

With that in mind, here are the 10 most popular grids this month:

  1. InWorldz: 7,229 active users
  2. OSGrid: 3,416 active users
  3. Avination: 3,104 active users
  4. Island Oasis: 1,167 active users
  5. Metropolis: 1,045 active users
  6. Kitely: 628 active users
  7. Craft World: 569 active users
  8. 3rd Rock Grid: 426 active users
  9. German Grid: 387 active users
  10. Logicamp: 226 active users

Avination reported the biggest increase in active users this month, with 865 new actives. InWorldz also showed growth, with 462 new actives. Metropolis gained 186 new active users, and German Grid gained 80.

AviWorlds reopens with new business model

AviWorlds, which has had more than its share of ups and downs since the Brazil-based grid was first launched as AvWorlds two years ago, is back up, with yet another new business model and new hosting.

Alexsandro Pomposelli

Alexsandro Pomposelli

“People can attach their own regions and the ones that can’t we offer hosting,” grid owner Alexsandro Pomposelli told Hypergrid Business.

Hosted regions start at $15 a month, with the hosting provided by Zetamex.

There is no more in-world currency, but individual regions owners can opt to use the OMC currency from VirWoX, or go with PayPal.

In another significant change, the grid will now be hypergrid-enabled, allowing travel to other grids.

Previously, merchants were reluctant to join a grid that had hypergrid connectivity turned on for fear that content would leave the grid. However, hypergrid connectivity is a moot point if a grid allows self-connected regions, since the owners of those regions have full control over all the content on their land, can make local backups in the form of OAR files, can grant themselves “God powers” and change permissions on items, or access the region’s MySQL database and make any changes to content that they want.

As a result, merchants on these grids have to give up on content protection — or offer the permission settings as a guideline for users — and impose license terms, instead. Many online retailers, for example, have switched away from DRM. Amazon and iTunes offer song downloads without copy protection, counting on low prices, convenience, and safety to attract customers away from the free file-sharing sites.

A new export permission setting will allow merchants on some commercial grids to specify whether their content is allowed to leave a grid via hypergrid or OAR exports. But this will not protect merchants on open grids like AviWorlds, where users are allowed to connect self-hosted regions.

Zetamex steps up

Zetamex is the newest entrant to the OpenSim hosting market, but it’s quickly been making a name for itself with low prices and good customer service.

In addition to helping AviWorlds get up and going, Zetamex has also rescued all the content created by Linda Kellie.

Kellie is known as the most prolific of content creators for OpenSim, with dozens of free OAR files, inventory files, and XML files full of content. Many smaller grids get started by setting up her regions and her malls. And, unlike free content available elsewhere, all her works are CC0 licensed, meaning that they can be used in any way imaginable. They can be modified, used on commercial grids, and even resold.

Linda Kellie’s Building Supply OAR is more than just useful bits and pieces for would-be architects. One store, for example, offers a wide variety of free clothing templates.

Her work has helped jump-start content creation in OpenSim, and has made it possible for schools, role playing groups, and many other communities to migrate to OpenSim without the expense of having to pay for all-new custom content. Instead, with the basics taken care of, they can use their content budgets for unique and customized products.

As a result of personal and family issues, however, Kellie decided to give up on her OpenSim content creation, and take down her websites.

Many people hurried to download everything from her sites before they went down. We have some of her downloads here on our Free OpenSim Downloads page.

Then Zetamex stepped in, and bought Linda Kellie’s site, and took over the hosting. You can now find all her content, exactly as she posted it, on

Zetamex has also done a very nice redesign of its website, simplifying the process of buying individual regions, mini-grids, and full grids.

Kitely Market adds export settings

The other big infastructure news this month was Kitely’s upgrade of the merchant panel for the Kitely Market. Merchants can now set the export permissions on their content. This permission setting decides whether customers can get copies of the content when they save their regions as OAR files. It will also decide whether customers can take the content to other grids, once Kitely allows hypergrid teleports.

And when Kitely users do download an OAR file of their regions, they will now get a report listing the content that was not exported due to insufficient permissions, Kitely CEO Ilan Tochner told Hypergrid Business.

Ilan Tochner

Ilan Tochner

“Meanwhile, word of the Kitely Market has continued to spread to merchants and more of them created accounts and added new product listings to our upcoming marketplace,” he said.

Kitely received its first print media coverage this month when it was featured as a cover story in the May 2013 issue of Maniera magazine.

“The article discussed Kitely’s existing offering and our long-term vision for augmenting reality with on-demand virtual environments,” said Tochner.


We’re listing the following 17 grids as suspended this month:  Aurora Sim, Canaria, KTU Uzem, LDL World, Model Center Demo, MondragonLingua, Novus, Open Island, Role Play Worlds, Siberspace, Simudyne Microsoft, Swiss Grid, Tekstuff, Ul, Valhalla Virtual, VWR, World District.

Meanwhile, we’ve added several new grids to our database, including Homeland3DjOpenSimWorldTropical ParadiseBrasil TropicalHuskylandBubbleszAvatar Sex GridClusterTuxRutgers Diva WorldBunkerGridUniversal GodsPaige’s hideoutBlack AfricaUniversidad, Roleplay GridMontefiorinoUniSA OpenSimRygeonGreTICElandRedGraduadaDigital Art and Historyvmetu, and Grille EVER.

If there’s a public grid we’re not tracking, please email us at [email protected]. There’s no centralized way to find OpenSim grids, so if you don’t tell us about it, and Google doesn’t alert us, we won’t know about it.

The official OpenSim website – – began tracking download numbers for the software in January. However, it currently only shows 1,030 downloads, which is several thousand less than expected. I’m waiting for a response from the developers, and will post updated figures when I get them.

The Diva Distro, a more user-friendly version of OpenSim, has been downloaded 940 times over the past month. The total number of Diva Distro downloads now stands at 22,403. This does not mean that there are twenty thousand mini-grids out there, however — someone might download the software but never use it, or download it once and use it to set up many grids.

And it doesn’t include the Diva Distros used as part of the New World Studio distribution of OpenSim, which has a new release out, including a new premium edition with additional management features. There are now 795 worlds using the software, with a total of 4,073 regions, New World Studio founder Olivier Battini told Hypergrid Business. Not all of these worlds are up and running all the time, he added, but the growth is encouraging.

“It shows a great interest for NWS and thus OpenSim,” he said.

Diva Distro is also part of Sim-on-a-Stick, a version of OpenSim packaged to run on a USB stick, which was downloaded a record 418 times since last month, for a new total of 20,903 downloads.

Meanwhile, according to data from The Hypergates, the number of hypergate jumps on their network this month increased by 1,669, to 4,452. The system now has 668 registered hypergates, down by 19 from last month, on 74 different grids.

This data is very limited, however. For example, not all hypergates are part of The Hypergates network — anyone can create their own hypergate by dropping a script on any object, such as our touch or walk-through single-destination hypergate script. In addition, many people do hypergrid jumps without using any gate at all, simply by typing a hypergrid address into Map-Search, or by using a hypergrid landmark created during a previous jump. There is currently no way of tracking that traffic.

Meanwhile, Second Life continued to lose land according to data from GridSurvey, with 117 fewer regions today than the same time last month. The Second Life grid now has 27,231 regions, down 2,714 regions from this time last year, and 4,654 fewer regions than its peak in June of 2010. According to GridSurvey, the last time the grid was this small was in June of 2009.

June Region Counts on the Top 40 Grids

The list below is a small subset of existing OpenSim grids. We are now tracking a total of 668  different publicly-accessible grids, 295 of which were active this month, and 221 of which published their statistics. There were a total of 27,606 regions, 318,617  registered users, and 22,482 active users on those 221 grids.

Many school, company or personal grids do not publish their numbers.

The raw data for this month’s report is hereA list of all active grids is here.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

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  1.' Alicia Stone says:

    Maria, what is up with HGB having a by-proxy ownership of the domian and not a contact number people can phone for buisness reasons? I know I at least include my fax number on any site I do to keep contact available to the public…. so what’s up?

    • Alicia —

      All the contact info is here:

      Feel free to call me at home, at work, or on my cell.

      Just please not in the middle of the night. I’m on the east coast, and if you call in the middle of the night, I will wake up and answer the phone. But I’ll be grumpy.

      •' Savino van Meirhaeghe says:

        (Does this mean that a small startup grid is “better” than an old ??)

        what you think?? yes smal grid are more easy for update and full grids where people self host regions give trouble'”s so simple is it..hugs this reason i not like osgrid and metro in this way…

      •' Savino van Meirhaeghe says:

        grumpy or not i have not choice you call in my country time…i hope you have a sexy voice…??so not spent i my time not …

  2.' Minethere says:

    Another useful article….Love it that OS finally overcame SL in total regions….

    Some notes:

    Metropolis came back up May 18th from 10 days down for some awesome upgrades and asset cleanup of 5 years of data. It is running so much better, not that I thought it was bad before, really, but better is always nice-))

    So they would have had more in the numbers side of things due to that, and they had a new OS version to connect, so it took a week or so to get things settled.

    Kitely continues to grow due to all sorts of cool and innovative ideas. They are cutting edge with their business model. I would point out their new OAR export report is awesome and I am using it for a diagnostic tool. It is VERY helpful….show items not exported, what was the reason, and the location of them, among other items.

    The MP is going to be VERY useful for the Metaverse once it gets up and HG is enabled. Some folx have seen the value in creating and offering HG compatible items. Smart idea….

    Avination is worthy of having an account simply due to their code contributions [noted elsewhere in this website] to core opensim development. Some wonderful things.

    ty Maria for your efforts here, I posted it on my Virtual Stats page-))

  3.' Savino van Meirhaeghe says:

    no this reports can i not believe secondlife turn regions yes not so hard as opensim create more regions most people forgote there are also private regions unknow grids this people go you never or never see… i have my report and i know 60% regions are private and 40% hang on grids 35 % people walk on grids and rent or host self regions on home computers download opensim is good for a smal 30% how go you tell or this nummbers are ok
    and a other inworst grid.. for what sit she alle time nummber 1 ??? buy this people you or so for this chamles records i some time think real i believe it not all this ..

  4.' Arielle says:

    I feel a useful statistic would be the percentage of the userbase that actually returns regularly per month. As an example Osgrid with 90169 total users has 3369 that return in a given month so a returning percentage of 3.7%. Metropolis with a userbase of 3945 has 1076 returning this month so 27.3%.

    Considering both grids are over 5 years old, I find there is some significance to that stat and would love to see similar stats for some of the other larger grids out there.

    •' Minethere says:

      I agree, and to share some others: [disclaimer: I am not good with math anymore so feel free to make corrections if I didn’t do this right…lol]

      Kitely total users 10050 actives last 30 days 628 =6.2%

      3rd Rock grid 8450 total users last 30 days 373 =4.4%

      inwz total users 78037 last 30 days 7229 = 9.2%

      and, btw, it would be helpful if you did your raw stats page in frames, Maria, a top from of the “what the columns mean” from the lower stats part…this way when one scrolls down they don’t have to either remember, or if they are like me, have to go back up to the top to see which column means what…

      •' Minethere says:

        actually, I would love to see someone or some ppl do a graph of this all…I would do it if it was 2 yrs or so ago when they meant more to me than they do now…tho I didn’t pay any attention to them then as I still had my head stuck in the sand in a commercial grid-))

        But if someone would graph this I could include the link on my Virtual Worlds Stats google community where I try to put stats as I go around the Metaverse and accumulate various ones.

        The could post it there too, of course-)) It is open to the public.

        • If you want raw data, just email me — [email protected] — and I’ll generate a CSV or Excel report from the database. Just tell me which grids you want (or all of them), which date range, and which fields (total regions, total users, total actives).

          I’d guess though, that the results would depend on the age of the avatars. In general, the younger the avatar the more likely they are to spend time in-world.

          So, on OSgrid, it was the largest and busiest grid for a long time before the commercial grids started gaining ground. People also went off to start their own grids, moved to other open grids to be with friends, started using standalones, or just moved on to other things. A brand-new grid, by comparison, is going to have a higher active user-to-registered-user ratio because more of its residents are brand new.

          Does this mean that a small startup grid is “better” than an old established grid? If you have 10 users, and all 10 log in every month, you’ll have a 100% ratio, for example. (These are the circle-of-friends or small roleplaying grids.) Then you have grids that are just small shopping centers or activity venues. They might have only a couple of registered users, but many hypergrid visitors, and count those hypergrid visitors to their active users total. These guys will have ratios of more than 100%.

          Plus, you have to consider absolute numbers, as well. OSgrid gained around 800 new registered users — that’s more users than many grids have total. So if you’re looking at this ratio to tell you which grids have the most new blood, you’ll miss old established grids that are still growing fast.

          •' Minethere says:

            Yes, I see that. I just supposed since you are willing to go to the effort of doing these stats in the first place…as Arielle noted, this stat idea has as much probative value as others….as in, they all can be gamed, or read, in different ways depending upon one’s perspective of [virtual] reality.

            But if it is not to difficult to do, and you wish to spend the time and effort to do it….I would not mind the additional statistical analysis, either posted here, or a link given to maybe a public to view google excel sheet-))

            All these numbers can be viewed in several ways, and since they are all reported to you [at least some aspects of them I think you have mentioned before] by the grid owners, then they can even be suspect in some regards, especially with commercial for-profit companies who stand to possibly gain by doing so.

            Not saying any are, of course…

          • Minethere — I just exported all my database data to a Google Spreadsheet, and made it public here:


            Feel free to copy and grab the data. If you make a report or article based on it, I’d appreciate attribution to Hypergrid Business.

            If you change the “output=html” to “output=csv” at the end of the URL there you’ll get a file that you can download and open in Excel, where you can sort and group the data anyway you’d like.

          •' Minethere says:

            Got it into excel and will post this to the virtual stats page…maybe someone there will wish to do something more with it also.

            Of course HGB will be attributed and I will look at what I want to do with that over the course of the next few days.

            If I can graph is rather easily and share that, I will do that first off.

            Thank you-))

          •' Minethere says:

            heck, I tried to reply to another comment you made and you deleted it as I was hitting post…

            [as I recall you said Kitely and inwz give you their active users numbers themselves] so, my response…

            I would tend to feel more trust in generated numbers shown on a splash screen then given numbers, myself.

            However, neither does it especially matter to me, personally.

            Other than the values others may place on them, which varies depending upon what value systems they have personally….

            I like to keep mentioning I hope Kitely takes what time needed sometime and does that so I could post it.

          • Didn’t mean to delete anything… will go check the Disqus queue. They’re supposed to notify me of stuff like that, but for some reason haven’t been, lately.

          •' Minethere says:

            apparently I had some messup there too….disqus has been doing some changes and maybe that had to do with it…I see your comment now-))

          •' Arielle says:

            Thank you for the stats from the other grids Minethere. Does Avination post total users? I couldn’t find anything for them.

            Maria I think that particular stat would be relevant as an indicator of the degree of community that exists within each of the grids. I realize there are various factors that determine why people return or do not but ultimately in the long run i think it would be safe to assume that those grids with little community spirit will have a fairly high turnover rate.
            From a business perspective that may not seem as relevant as total users but from a social aspect, community is highly relevant and I daresay that it would also ultimately result in a more stable business environment to boot.

          •' Minethere says:

            yes, avination has it on their splash page:


            And I will add that also in my google+ community now.

          • Of the major grids, the only ones that don’t publish all their numbers somewhere are Kitely (they email them to me each month), InWorldz (they email me their active user numbers), and SpotON3D (they haven’t responded to my emails for a long, long time) … I have a list of all the stats pages in my database, if anyone wants it. email me: [email protected] (keep in mind that it changes frequently)

          •' Minethere says:

            so I guess for Avn it would be:

            60298 total users
            2898 last 30 days

  5.' Ener Hax says:

    do Kitely’s numbers also include private worlds? for example, we have 20 regions with Kitely, yet only four are public

    (yikes, my disqus acct must be ancient)

  6. woohoo OS beats SL. Go OpenSim or go home 😀

    • Christopher — Keep in mind that, on average, an OpenSim region costs a tenth of what a similar region would cost in Second Life, and there are much fewer users than in Second Life — but hundreds of private grids that don’t show up in the stats. Personally, I think it’s premature to say that “OS beats SL” except for certain specific applications (like education or corporate simulations). For social users, the number to watch is the active user numbers. Too bad Second Life stopped releasing theirs.

  7.' Mario says:

    Thank you, Maria, for this article.

  8. Pathfinder says:

    I just made a Hypergrid jump from my own grid ( into AviWorlds (HG address: at global coordinates 10000,10000). Woot! Lots to explore!

  9.' MetaGirl says:

    Way to go Opensim grids!!!!
    Those who donate code & those who write the wonderful things ahead
    you are angels. !

  10.' Joe Builder says:

    More sandboxs

  11.' AviWorlds says:

    Open Sim has passed Second Life in many ways.
    Second Life’s advantage when we count users online is that it is all in ONE only place. One grid.
    Open Sim is composed of many GRIDS.

    Lets say this!
    What if we got all OPEN SIM grids together in one place? Would it be bigger than SL? I think yes.
    Are the restrictions in SL which you do not see in Open Sim making SL better? I think not.
    Also; we cannot only focus on the amount of people in the grid. We need to see which platform really gives all of us the opportunity to really ENJOY virtual reality worlds and the winner is OS.

    I personally think OS wins, win big.
    Alex Ferraris

    •' MetaGirl says:

      Welcome Back AviWorlds !

    •' Guest says:

      You can not compare in no way shape or form SL to Opensims other than both have lands surrounded by water. SL is and always will be a Virtual World with a Robust Community, Economy and Technology, If SL was free like everyone here would like it then the technology would never and not exist. Look at Opensims as the badlands, sort of outcast, a sandbox if you will everything free no restrictions do as you please. Basically a ungoverned place to build silly things with a few friends. I still wonder why so many people put SL and Opensims in the same sentence, guess they simply don’t know the difference. And if a handful of people say opensims wins well that don’t matter, Because 1000’s will beg the differ.

      •' MetaGirl says:

        Well joe i can respect your view point’s for sure and you make some valid point’s but every experience is a little different

        Well my recent trip to SL was another wake up as it is easy to forget some of the past thing’s LL has done but it was a very sad visit for a few reasons..

        Many of SL older resident’s are indeed older in RL as well with the endless change’s people get left behind to the point that they become outdated and sadly they see both life’s as a reflection
        the same, while 10yrs ago they found a place to be younger
        to live some dream’s never possible but now it’s a gamer’s grid..

        Stopped in a the Muse Island that has been there since 2005
        was at one time a top mecca LL sent people to get to know SL
        and a refuge for a noob the sim was empty and traffic ZERO
        still a nice sim but it is not adult,it is not a mega mall pretending
        to be a garden so it sit’s empty waiting for a grid that doe’s not care..

        Robust Community, Economy and Technology long ago now just Economy and Technology as the old Community has left
        as the change’s are not done for real user experience but are all profit driven that cheapen’s the user experience that cut’s out any memorable moment’s…

        Economy well if clothing count’s yes but was easy to notice many long time seller’s gone, out of 350 landmark’s that was checked on a visit 6 month’s ago only 89 still there and they had been
        some of the best builder’s who did great old build’s but had
        made some great sculpt’s and mesh but they are gone so if you count the massive clothing/skin business sure and some massive old seller’s who have so much inventory on marketplace it’s impossible not to sell when those seller’s with nicer build’s closed shop..

        One thing I noticed at SL10th birthday almost everyone there was over 5 year’s old but if they are the pillar’s that hold up SL it is a fleecing one as same people who are there supporting it are the same old resident’s SL keeps pushing out it cannot last forever
        as some people die or just walk away..

        Destination Guide just compare it to the sim’s that on it a few year’s ago you will see a huge difference as half are shopping mall’s and club’s

        About 25% on DG list not even there this include’s Alpha & Omega point sim’s those had to be in the top 10 most detailed and amazing build’s
        Also seen the 2 sim’s owner was a canceled account so sent mssg to another owner in group’s and sure enough it was alt of main owner who could not keep up with the 600 dollar’s a month for 2 sim’s she lost job in RL then lost sim’s for non payment plus they banned her account for not informing them ahead of time so if you have money issue’s you also get banned the customer service must have been trained in the soviet union..In Soviet Russia SL play’s you!…

        So SL has so much but is missing a few thing’s unless your under 21 with a face full of pimple’s then it is the new MMORPG,
        it may be the big grid but it is missing Heart and Soul so at end of the day it is a colder business that is zombie like to it’s resident’s
        OS has the things SL lacks now more then ever Heart and Soul .

      • You sound like a fanboy. Not that it’s a bad thing. What’s bad, though, is that your understanding of OpenSim is wickedly warped and inaccurate. SL is not a robust community. SL is a rapidly spreading ghost town with region after region vacant, empty, stagnant. A shopping – camping – obnoxious dance floor hub does not a robust community make. Most of us consider that a haven for griefers, pervs, and assorted idiots.

        The SL economy is also taking a hit and forcing LL to restructure their entire set up, locking out competitors so it can attempt to regain some semblance of a foothold on the sinking ship.

        Technology? The Lab is great at implementing a slew of new gimmicks to the viewer but the search is bunk, the lag is still there, their roll outs screw up more than they ever fix and the Lab ignores the very people who make them money. LL has also decided it doesn’t want to play nice with the Metaverse…which is why it focuses on gimmicky bs like pets and quest games – because they can’t offer the original goal of user creativity. They boot employees every few months, restructure and reboot…not to be cutting edge but as a response to losing money due to the exodus of people moving to OS.

        OS is far from the badlands or a lonely sandbox. There are rapidly growing worlds, grids, regions filling up the space with astonishing builds and quality products.

        Everything is most certainly not free and there are plenty of restrictions and plenty of closed grids following in the SL footpath – which is why they’re facing the same problem…and having to restructure and change their way of going about things if they want to compete at all.

        The only thing SL is at this point is bailing water,,,and that “1000’s” of people will eventually scale the garden wall and head for higher ground…a place where a region to build, share, create costs less than 50 bucks (as opposed to the equivalent of a car payment in SL).

        Open Sim has already won. All it’s doing now is growing.

        SL is fighting to keep in the game at all. Enjoy the silence….

        •' Minethere says:

          “Everything is most certainly not free and there are plenty of restrictions and plenty of closed grids following in the SL footpath – which is why they’re facing the same problem…and having to restructure and change their way of going about things if they want to compete at all.”

          I agree with this and the only grid I see doing something much different than the sl commercial aspect of opensim is Kitely. And as a result, it is getting quite a bit of attention lately, particularly with their new market coming online soon.

          Even now they do a wonderful blend of the free opensim with the commercial aspects…to many things to mention here, but their forums are a great place to learn about them.

          I prefer the free metaverse myself as my home but since Kitely gives all its residents a free but limited use region I have one of those also.

          3rd Rock grid focuses on Music and is a very nice and relaxing grid to visit for such events….think laid back hippie commune and you have an idea of their way of doing things.

          If one likes to be more free, Metropolis Grid has seen and is seeing a very large influx of people and regions, especially the last 1/2 year or so. It is my home grid and wonderful.

          Just fyi, Joe likes to fan the flames sometimes for his own reasons I can’t quite fathom, but he is in opensim also and I see him in Metropolis sometimes too-))

          •' Gaga says:

            Yeah, something odd about Joe. Not sure if he is coming or going but he sure is hanging around like an itch you find you have to scratch.

            BTW. Well put argument, Miney and you said it well too, Serenity.

            Mind you I still have a soft spot for SL though but I am under no illusion where it’s heading. Thankfully, we have Opensim and freedom of choice without the heavy price tag.

            That is priceless!

            And good luck with AviWorlds this time round Alex. I’m glad you didn’t give up even if we never saw eye to eye. I’m impressed you battled on to get up and running again.

            You deserve to do well for that so good luck trooper!

          •' Minethere says:

            Yea, Kitely deserves a good look, and at least making an account, if only to preserve one’s known name. As it is doing so well for a commercial grid the smart money should be on getting one’s account made, and you might as well get the free region while at it and learn a few things about the grid.

            I have known several ppl in commercial grids who came into them late and their name was already taken…which does cause some issues, as ppl can see, I am sure.

            I like Alex of AviWrolds “keep at it” spirit-))

            I am not sure if Joe Builder even knows what Joe Builder wants…lol. Occasionally he has even been nice. I do not understand tho when he makes negative comments with no seeming rhyme or reason to them.

            At least with others of a similar nature their agendas are transparent…..oh well, hopefully he will find some peace in something or other.

          •' Joe Builder says:

            Its really simple, Everyone who posts in these non SL blogs, Or forums had bad experiences with SL. Either what they created isn’t up to par, They can’t get there way or simply want to see all for free. That is not SL, And the 1000 or so who actually visit opensims is just a drop in the bucket compared to the 40,000 plus in SL at any given time. When people bash SL I do laugh out loud, Because no one hears you. BTW to Gaga your way to funny I been around these Virtual worlds way longer than you could possibly imagine. I need no Fake friends, I need no Grids (Makes my own) I do extremely well in my stores in SL when I choose to be there. I’m amused listening to you big mouth talking yentas. Claiming opensims is next best thing to sliced bread.

          •' Gaga says:

            heh, never far away are you Joe?

            Hanging in there trying to be destructive from the inside, eh? It’s a tactic doomed to fail because you can’t beat people’s choice and people choose freedom over exploitation.

            You delight in putting people down who use Opensim like you think you can do better. You are happy to float in OSgrid and pop up in Metro showing off what you do and trying to be people’s mate. Just another tactic, divide and conquer eh? Stir up drama. Try and turn folks against each other but people know you Joe and just as well you came out from behind your “guest” tag to spill your bile against the Opensim community. We know what you are about and we know you have made it your mission.


            Private Second Life estate sims expected to drop below 20,000 in the next few weeks. 10,000 daily sign-up’s make no difference to falling concurrency. But hell, we are still making money there while it lasts. Right Joe?

          •' Joe Builder says:

            And your info comes from where? Being LL don’t relinquish any. No gaga not destructive just when a few compare Opensims to SL other than both can have regions surrounded by water is funny. Deep down you know as well at this time SL has the monopoly on a virtual world where a RL profit can be made in this day and age. Two complete different formats of virtual worlds, One is free (Open source) the other bought and paid for by a Huge corporation. That’s all. I do have to say I enjoy opensims with my 136 regions in OsGrid and My 40 Region Private grid, That I run from my home. But if I need a few extra Dollars say for another computer, I go back to SL and open up my stores kinda simple.

          •' Gaga says:

            You know exactly where my data comes from and it is a very reliable source that most people believe is expertly collected – Tyche Shepherd ‘s Grid Survey.

            Unlike you Joe who attacks the Opensim communities and people, we don’t attack the Second Life community. We have a go at Linden Lab, the exploiter. That is the difference here. We expose LL for what they are but you just put down Opensim folks in every way you can think of.

          •' Joe Builder says:

            Grid Survey is hogwash, you must me kidding me. As for me putting down Opensims hmm nah it does well enough of that on its own. But keep on putting up the good fight, keep that “Everything must be free attitude” Opensim Folks hahah you mean the few women who make endless and endless praises about there sandbox? and how evil big business is in SL 🙂 well ok then you go on and shake your fist at the innovators.

          •' Gaga says:

            You’re just off your trolley Joe and beyond saving. You don’t know what you’re talking about and just saying the first rubbish that enters your tiny mind. No one that I know of, and certainly not myself, has ever attacked business in Second Life unless it was to mention gambling and the high level of pornography to be found there. I don’t have a go at fair business and people that work hard at making a living either in Second Life or Opensim grids. I believe in a mixed economy but I don’t expect you to understand that since you have an abundant capacity to invent the absurd and then spout it as the given truth, and, I might add, an excuse to justify your insidious attacks on the people of Opensim that choose an alternative to Linden Lab’s over priced monopolistic empire.

            You amaze me really that you can put down so many people and Opensim and yet take all that it offers for free and make full use of it for your own pleasure. Then you laugh at us and spout on about how well you do out of Second Life and how great it is. Just like Linden Lab you are a classic user through and through. You are definitely one of them and you don’t belong in the free Metaverse. You don’t understand the meaning of freedom. You just know how to use what “innovators” have made and shared for free.

          •' Joe Builder says:

            Welcome to planet Earth

          •' Joe Builder says:

            Miney how does Tyche and Danny get these numbers and claim there accurate unless there on LL payroll? I heard of many ways they use to graph these things but none are worth the paper its written on. But lets say its correct, what does it mean? Will we all be forced back to the stone age as far as functionality? I’m not 100% sure the weekend warriors of opensims can bring us what SL offers. Maybe I come across harsh and sound like a hater, But I do not see any reason to bash what we once joined many years ago. SL is always home no matter where we are now. Remember without SL opensims would not be close to where it is today, being we all use lsl in one way or another. I do also agree pricing is over the top, That’s life and accept it as so, Or I can go to a free Opensims, But only a tiny handful will take that walk backwards from the Technology SL offers.

          •' Gaga says:

            Still looking for a reaction, Joe? Preaching to folks that know better wont work. Just go back to Second Life, you are enjoying Opensim way too much!

          •' Joe Builder says:

            What folks? they few less than 5 who really care. Your to funny Gaga you have no clue what’s going on outside your sandbox 🙂 Have a nice day, Your so confused and pathetic wake up please. I’m done on this subject try and get them horse blinders removed ok.

          •' MetaGirl says:

            Well Joe you make some valid point’s and a few off..

            Opensim is in need some unity between grid’s for
            a really basic foundation for important matter’s including advancing HG and some type of currency exchange between grid’s and more of a bigger team effort to make the code more stronger and robust..

            My account in SL is very old joe it was my belated birthday as well i will not come across as one who harps about the ‘good old days’ but after logging in and finding out of 379 landmarks that was visited over the course of 2wks just 8 month’s ago only 134 are still there as land or the same establishment and of those sim’s a few are of SL greatest that included…

            “Garden of Love and Romance’ ‘Pteron’ ‘Art Screamer ‘
            ‘Alpha Point’ and ‘Gamma Point’ ‘Lost City of Atlantis’
            ‘Solondra’ ‘Lost Paradise’ and many of SL oldest and finest builder’s have thrown in the towl …

            So how it is that 40,000 online when we all known well that the test’s in 2008/09 showed half online at the time was active bot’s do to client bug that kept logging them all out at same time you can sit in near any sim and watch these bot’s pop in and out all day long so let me do some simple guess math…

            40,000 online minus 20,000 bot’s = 20,000 then add in possibility 1 in 5 is online is with an alt at a given time due to business ,stalking or other matter’s so that bring’s it down to 16,000 and let’s say the daily fresh enrollment
            is 14,000 that would mean that at any given time only
            only 2,000 full time resident’s are in inworld and rest are noob’s ,alt’s or bot’s…

            The trouble with opensim ,and i love opensim and donate
            very heavy each month to help out but the key to opensim’s future is not it’s past but moving as far away from SL as possible and start seeing and getting opensim
            together as a strong city state’s otherwise it will never
            be out of beta and be able to market itself as a place to be….

            After what LL did with the money exchange’s and the way it was handled after 10yr’s can’t plead ignorance as that kinda customer service was really only found in the Soviet Union,

            Old saying is true ‘In Soviet Russia Secondlife Play’s YOU!

          •' Joe Builder says:

            Meta, Yes maybe so but I do not want to guess how many avatars/bots/alts are online in SL at any given time. I do know when I open up my map which is a tiny area of SL is loaded with green dots. Many 1000’s of green dots, again maybe that means nothing. I also know being I was at one time a half owner of a commercial grid in opensims a few years back that dummy regions is what we would call them to give a false impression of growth. This is still done today in a few Major grids, I also am very aware a lot of people help in many capacities in the growth of opensims. My issue is with the un educated ones who bash a thriving grid that holds many positives than it does negatives which is SL. I also have many LM’s in SL that are no longer there or working but only to find its been replaced with something else. The old ways of SL is now being a thing of the past for many reasons 1 being Mesh. But for the RPG and gaming direction SL is going mesh is needed this I understand. To be honest I think opensims will grow in technology but not in residents, Sadly many don’t want to go backwards but forwards and SL like it or not is going that way. We still don’t know why SL does what it does, only guess the worst because we simply don’t know.

          •' MetaGirl says:

            Joe i think you made me a believer,
            Thanks for waking me up

        •' Guest says:

          You really need to get out more, Or your simply a SL basher tooting your own horn. I saw what Opensims really are being I been there many years enjoying the sandbox. Its a world of pirates who steal (copybot) from SL, The worlds you mention are not much to speak of compared to SL. I’m not going to type to try and explain to you what you cant possibly grasp.
          Sl is in fact growing and has the Largest community still. Economy is great if your a creator or have some simple sort of business mind. Technology is second to none, Really you are just a tiny tiny part of the SL haters they can really do without. Try not to use SL and opensims in the same sentence next time there 2 different worlds, Maybe compare IMVU to opensims that’s more like it or the online game SIMS. I agree opensinms has more regions (empty ones) remember Miss Basher there is many more than I can count of RL disabled people making a RL living in SL. I bet your one of the ones would like to take that away also. Need to really engage your brain before you put your mouth in gear 🙂 Enjoy you glorified sandbox..

          • I don’t hate sl one way or another. I’ve enjoyed it in spite of itself. I rezzed in SL in 2006 and owned several private regions, as well as renting one out in parcels for awhile. I’m also a builder and budding scripter. I understand it quite well. Sims are dropping like flies because it’s too expensive and not worth what’s expected. Plenty of regions in SL are extraordinarily well made….and nobody is on them.

            And for the record, before you can credibly use the phrase “engage your brain before you put your mouth in gear” perhaps you should bone up on 3rd grade grammar. I mean, really…there’s no excuse for all that if you’re over the age of 8.





          •' Guest says:

            That’s all you got? Now even if someone is not from USA you criticize there grammar? wow you are a piece of work. Your silly crying argument over expense in SL is rather funny, 1000’s are doing it and 1000’s more will do it. you as a tiny minority take refuge in opensims, open source its your choice. If your building was Good enough you might still be there. so you may want to brush up on that in your sandbox. 🙂 Have a nice day.

  12.' MetaGirl says:

    Linden Labs hosting SL10th birthday..

    Maybe when more get HG Opensim sould have it’s own birthday party each year..

    Get a neutral party like Maria to help coordinate between grid’s if she likes idea..

    me think’s could be good thing..

    Could also help lay down a trusted network of communication between grid’s for when all HG is export/import ready in regard’s to content..

    Me think’s good idea with some exception’s would be for those grid’s who are Opensim and are part of the Opensim powered grid’s and SUPPORT IT…