Second Life releases Oculus Rift project viewer

In March, Second Life released an Oculus Rift-compatible viewer to a limited number of beta testers, including our own Ann Cudworth. Yesterday, an updated version of this viewer has been released, and this time it’s available to the public.

It includes automatic hardware detection for faster setup and calibration, a complete and customizable user interface so that Oculus Rift users can use all of Second Life’s functionality, and a new first person view that lets the headset determine the direction of view so that the mouse can be used to click on objects.

Unfortunately, the virtual version of the Oculus Rift headset does not come included with the viewer.

Unfortunately, the virtual version of the Oculus Rift headset does not come included with the viewer.

The viewer still isn’t perfect, Linden Lab admitted.

Like our initial beta release, this Project Viewer is more about making it easy to get started using the Oculus Rift to view Second Life than it is about optimizing the user interface for headset users,” the company said in its announcement. “We’ve made some minor adjustments to the regular Second Life user interface in order to present it in head-mounted display mode, but the UI headset users will experience with this project Viewer is still essentially the same as you’d see without an Oculus Rift.”

Download the Oculus Rift Project Viewer here.

Thanks to Wagner Au of New World Notes for the heads-up.

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4 Responses

  1.' Mircea Kitsune says:

    Wow, that sounds awesome! I just can’t wait to try out the latest viewer and see how… wait. Isn’t the Oculus Rift coming out an year from now? Right… erm, I guess this is cool news and stuff.

    • You can preorder the Oculus Rift development kit now, for $350 for August delivery:

      I am SO tempted.

      •' Mircea Kitsune says:

        I read about that after posting my initial comment. It still sounds like the development version will be rather different from the final product, and have fewer features and less quality. The tag “development” also implies the hardware / firmware might also still be buggy. If someone is rich enough to spend 300$ twice however, that is actually an option.

    •' Paul E. Emery says:

      I got a dk1 on ebay and am trying it. I must admit my Wow was pretty small. The main complaint is the resolution is so much poorer then what you are used to on the flat screen view. This of course is expected to improve greatly with dk2 and the resulting “comsumer” version. I think that will be necessary if the rift is gonna get me to spend a lot of time using it. Btw I didn’t have any indications of sea sickness etc. .The second life viewer has added the UI which the ctrlaltstudio viewer doesn’t have (for the reasons the ctrlaltstudio developer explained).