Haven rebrands as AviUnite, offers free homes, hypergrid, social features

Free store plots on The Meadow region of AviUnite. (Image courtesy AviUnite.)

The grid Haven Your World is rebranding as AviUnite this month, with new social features, a free land offer, Kitely Market deliveries, and hypergrid connectivity.

“From Saturday, April 22, we will be offering all residents free home plots,” grid founder Cheryl Shaw told Hypergrid Business. “These plots are 4,800 square meters in size and have an allowance of 300 prims. Store owners can also request a free store at The Meadow region. These all come with a 100 prim allowance, to help creators get started.”

Haven was founded in the summer of 2011 as a closed, commercial grid. At that time, many commercial grids were closed in order to protect content creators. Since then, new filtering technology and a greater willingness by creators to sell to the hypergrid have inspired more commercial grids to switch to a hypergrid-enabled business model.

Cheryl Shaw

“Hypergrid was never the plan for Haven Your World but in the ethos of bringing communities together we felt that the hypergrid would fit perfectly with the new plans for the grid,” said Shaw.

Some regions will not be hypergrid-accessible, however, if the region owners decide to keep them private.

To further the new community-building mission, social features are now integrated in the platform to allow users share news, upload photos, create groups and post event information, she said. This functionality continues to be improved and developed, she added.

“At present all residents of AviUnite can access their social account via a HUD in world or via the website where they can log in and post direct to their social profile,” she said.

(Image courtesy AviUnite.)

Users will also be able to send private messages to friends who are not online and they can get replies through the website, similar to other social networking sites that allow users to communicate via messaging.

“The main aim of trying to build the social site as well as the virtual world was to help communicating with the community possible from any way using a range of devices — mainly with mobile in mind as we move further with technology and more people accessing online content from mobile devices,” she said. “We are also currently working on developing apps which will bring together all the features but for the moment all is accessible from in work via the HUD or via the website on all devices.”

With the Kitely Market connectivity, the grid is now part of the bigger community of OpenSim content creators.

“We have tested with Kitely and can confirm the Kitely marketplace can deliver to AviUnite,” Shaw said.

The grid does not have an online marketplace of its own.

“But users can advertise their items for sale through the social site with links to in world,” she said.

The grid uses its own currency Avis, which can be bought through the website and delivered to the users in world, but is looking into a possibility of using Gloebits or Podex.


(Image courtesy AviUnite.)

The grid is also revamping its Welcome Center region to make it user friendly for newcomers, with freebies and instructions on how to navigate and use the virtual world.

Following an upgrade process, the grid has cleared some spam accounts with the new change. Total registered user numbers have dropped slightly as a result.

The grid also has a new website, but news and other grid maintenance issues will be announced through a second website.

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David Kariuki

David Kariuki is a technology journalist who has a wide range of experience reporting about modern technology solutions. A graduate of Kenya's Moi University, he also writes for Cleanleap, and has previously worked for Resources Quarterly and Construction Review. Email him at [email protected].

13 Responses

  1. geir.noklebye@dayturn.com' XMIR Grid says:

    Welcome to the Hypergrid family, but I could not find any HG address to the grid on the new site.

    I also looked at the terms and privacy information, and there is no information about where they are operating out of, and which jurisdiction will be used for conflict resolution. Terms are not in accordance with EU regulations.

  2. aviunite@gmail.com' Avi Unite says:

    David and Maria – Thank you both for the write up and for the feature on Hypergrid Business.

    XMIR – Thank you for the welcome. We have been ironing out a few wrinkles in the HG access this weekend and as soon as I have done the final test tonight I will be adding the HG address to the website.

    Valid points made, if regarding to conflict resolution you are referring to content we follow full DMCA procedures and have in place systems for residents to report such infringements, regarding the EU regulations we thank you will take a look and rectify any issues. Just to confirm we are a UK based grid.

  3. services@farworldz.com' Talla Adam says:

    Good to see another grid enabling Hypergrid so welcome AviUnite. And it’s a Brit site too! All the best from another Brit and I will be sure to look in. You are welcome to promote on G+ Opensim Virtual as well.

    • aviunite@gmail.com' Avi Unite says:

      Thank you Talla, very kind of you I will check out the G+ Opensim Virtual as soon as I can. Thanks again.

  4. uk1and@hotmail.com' Fanny says:

    I tried to make an account, never received an activation email even after waiting for hours and requesting a second attempt.
    I guess they don’t want users.

    • svanmeirhaeghe@hotmail.com' Savino van Meirhaeghe says:

      website have a chatpopup for support.. and so far all most stuff works now also hypergrid..

    • aviunite@gmail.com' Avi Unite says:

      Hi, sorry to hear you are having issues. If you click on the envelope symbol at the bottom right of any of our pages and fill in your details we can look at your account activation. Kind regards.

  5. moonrise.azalee@gmail.com' Moonrise Azalee says:

    I made an account to test it out, so far everything seems to work smoothly. The social site is definitely a wonderful addition, and I was able to hypergrid out, and about and bring back freebies that I found. The welcome center is nice and straight forward, with instructions good for anyone new to opensim. Nice job 🙂