OpenSim overview and 2010 predictions

Gwyneth Llewelyn actually posted this article “OpenSimulator: The Choice for 2010 back in January, but it still remains one of the best overviews of what’s happening in the OpenSim worlds that I have read so far.

She talks about how OpenSim was developed, and how its modular approach makes it a much more flexible platform for innovation — and business deployments — than the Second Life server.

She predicts that 2010 will be the year of OpenSim.

I agree with her.

The OpenSim developers have already produced a rich and interesting platform that offers over 90% of Second Life’s functionality. By the end of the year, the remaining problems are likely to be fixed. The two big remaining problems are the ability to have vehicles that carry passengers, and to be able to speak out loud, instead of typing message. And I heard there was progress with both the vehicle physics and with voice chat this week.

Maria Korolov