OpenSim Hosting Providers (old list)

Update: Full, up-to-date list of OpenSim hosting providers is here.

The choice of OpenSim hosts is still very limited, due to the fact that the OpenSim platform has only become stable — and grids hyperlinked — in the last couple of months.

In theory, anyone can host their own OpenSim virtual world (even me). All that’s needed is a spare computer and a high-speed Internet connection or space on a server somewhere. If you currently run your own web server, you will probably find it straightforward to run an OpenSim server, though the upgrades come more frequently as OpenSim is still in early stages of development.

If you want to outsource this function and save yourself time and worry, here are today’s top options:


Best for: Schools, businesses.

Prices: Start at $25 per region (16 acres, average use) with a $25 setup fee.

Customers: ReactionGrid customers include big names like Intel, Microsoft, and the American Cancer Society.

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PioneerX Estates

Best for: Individuals, small businesses

Prices: Start at $16 per region. Free single-acre lots also available for homesteaders and small businesses.

Customers: Pineapple Pictures, dozens of individuals.

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Media Dialog

Best for: Businesses in Germany

Prices: Start at $33 a month per region, $390 setup fee.

Customers: No referenceable customers yet.

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Best for: Individuals, small businesses in Germany and vicinity.

Prices: Start at approximately $50 a month per region, $130 setup fee, on the Grid4Us grid.

Customers: Folk Cafe.

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Best for: Individuals, schools, small businesses, especially for those working in Spanish or Portueguese.

Prices: Start at $25 per region on the WorldSimTerra grid.

Customers: Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul, CentralSL, WebEducativa


Best for: Businesses needing custom programming or design, or for large-scale events.

Prices: Based on scope of project.

Customers: Referenceable customers not available.

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Best for: Organizations needing a region for a short period of time as the region is hosted on Amazon’s cloud server.

Prices: Starting at $7 per region for a region used less than 10 hours a month, running around $100 a month for a region of average use.

Customers: Referenceable customers not available.

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