Grid analytics wishlist

I love Google Analytics and use it to track visitors to my Websites — and where they come from and how they leave.

It would be great to have this same information for my grid.

This could be a gadget that I place on each region I need crawled, possibly through the use of a content management system, or a module that I install on my OpenSim server.

The analytics application would record:

  • The names of every avatar who visited my region
  • Where the avatars came from, or if they logged in directly
  • How long they stayed
  • Where they went to afterwards

I would be able to use this information to monitor traffic flow, event attendance, even when employees show up for work.

wool_spiderI would even be willing to share some of this information with the folks who provide this service. I’d prefer that they kept the avatar names private, but I don’t mind them knowing where people came from and where they went.

As a result, the company providing the service would be able to start constructing a useful search engine for the OpenSim-compatible worlds, with true Google-style popularity rankings of destinations.

Maria Korolov