Law firm holds meetings, training in Second Life

New Orleans law firm Jones Walker has been conducting meetings and training programs in Second Life, the company announced this month.

“We created office space where we could conduct meetings, make presentations, provide training, and explore the applications of Second Life to the law firm environment,” said chief marketing officer Carol Todd Thomas in a statement.

The office was rented in the ViO Office Park, on the ViO island in Second Life, beginning in the summer of 2009, the company said.

The company is now exploring the possibility of offering Continuing Legal Education programs to attorneys and clients through Second Life.

“There is no end to the opportunities that could be explored in this space,” said Thomas. “We just need to be willing to rethink the usual assumptions, and look at ways to use the tools offered in Second Life to reach new markets, new clients, and reduce the costs of being physically present in the real world.”

Initially, however, the law firm was planning to use the facility as a marketing tool.

“Second Life, as well as other social media, was clearly emerging as a force that would drive marketing, recruiting, training for the law firm, and service delivery to our clients,” said Thomas.'