New report: state of the 3D Web

A new report was released today, providing a baseline measure of the state of the 3D Web, with contributions from Hypergrid Business writers and editors Maria Korolov, Jie Hu and Ankush Chibber.

“We’ve only had the hypergrid for a little over a year, so it’s too early to see significant growth in grids and commerce,” said lead author Maria Korolov. “But it’s important to have a base line from which to start.”

The 63-page report includes up-to-date statistics about OpenSim grid sizes, hypergrid searches, and hypergrid commerce, as well as brief overviews of OpenSim hosting providers and reviews of alternative virtual world platforms.

Future reports will be released once every six months, Korolov said.

Click here for more details about the report and pricing.